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Monday, December 15, 2008

Re: 800 dead dogs; trying to see if maybe it has some special significance, I searched Gematria. Look at this AMAZING Gematria I found: read below

I was trying to find out what the number 800 means in Gematria. First I found Tav, Tav ( 400 + 400). But then, I discovered this:

The Hebrew Alphabet

The Hebrew alphabet is, in many ways, quite similar to the Greek. However, rather than 24 letters, it uses only 22 letters.

Notice there are five finals. These letters are shaped differently when they appear as the final letter in a word. In the Cabala these five finals are given higher numbers, namely, 500, 600, 700, 800 and 900. In my search of the Gematria of the Bible, I do not find this additional assigning of the numbers to be part of the original design. It was an addition to the system, which was adopted later.

apparently, the final letters ( Khaf, Mem, Nun, Peh, Tsadde), have also been given a value. So 800 stands for final P - P for Pope! 800 PUPS died, and this is the final P!!!

Interesting? you judge. Maybe a kabbalist has a better answer. I just thought it is pretty cool.

Jon had this to say - interesting comment:

It says that 800 dogs have also been killed by the flood.

Isn't the dog the symbol of Ancient Rome? IE Romulus and Remus??

Ironic isn't it...

DS replied: Actually, it is the WOLF. Still, same family. Very interesting comment. Thank you, Jon!

 Re;The waters of the River Tiber in Rome hit record levels after three days of heavy rain on Saturday, triggering fears that the historic centre of the Italian capital might be flooded.

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