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Monday, May 4, 2009

Summary of where we stood a couple of hours ago; things are very fluid right now, as we are getting closer. WE NEED TO ORGANIZE A REAL, FORCEFUL and SEPARATE, KOSHER PROTEST.What should we do?


To all,

As we speak, some rabbis are meeting with Rav Eliashiv, one of the Gedolim of the Haredi world. It is also very important to speak with Rav Sternbuch of the Eda Charedit, as he knows how to mobilize his Chassidim, once he decides to do so. Other rebbes would also be welcome in participating, for sure.

This is what nik had to say regarding the proposed petitions sent yesterday, and what really needs to be done for success:

the only thing that is going to save us now and har habayit is for jews to rise up and overthrow the slime erav rav unjewish jews government... and then throw the vatican and all the arabs out of our land... anything short of this is doomed to failure and is a monumental waste of time and effort... it is an excercise in absolute futility... and it is actually harmful to our cause as it gives everyone involved in this petition drive the false sense that they are really doing something about the problem when they are not and never ever will succeed with such feeble attempts at achieving our goal... we have to stop being guided into patterns of reaction and activity that are counter-productive, ineffective and without a doubt the invention of the slime in the first instance to get us to do these "acceptable" methods of protest... acceptable to the slime because they know they are useless and utterly impotent to accomplish our aims to save yerushalyim, har habayit or any other important cause we may have... we have to begin to think outside of the box and break our usual patterns of behavior if we are ever going to manage to break free from the slime and take back control of our torah standards of living and our G-d given right to possess the land of israel and to govern it... nik. out...  

I hope the rabbis are successful in getting Rav Eliashiv to join in our effort, and mobilize his Yeshivot in :

A. protesting the huge Chillul Hashem about to be perpetrated in Eretz Yisrael - see the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website in 8 languages, including Hebrew, elevating Catholicism to practically holiness, and treating this Rasha, this ENEMY of the Jewish people, as though he was a friend : he succeeded in CONNING us.

B. making sure that no properties pass to him, not now, not ever. The Church is working on the deal so we transfer properties to them FOR PERPETUITY.

C. Making sure the SHIMON PERES CANNOT DO WHAT HE HAS BEEN PLANNING TO DO FOR THE LAST 18 years - since 1991- , and which he has REPEATEDLY PROMISED TO THE POPE PERSONALLY , and which he apparently hopes to obtain (IL)LEGALLY after Medinat Yisrael refused to sign for the deal last week.

You have to understand that Shimon Peres's whole career depends on this deal. Why do you think he did all these machinations to be elected president? For that very purpose. He sees this transfer as the culmination of his career, and the FAILURE of the transmission as the most abject failure imaginable.

Here are Peres's promises:

1. to transfer large swaths of Eretz Yisrael to the Vatican, specially

the Cenacle rooms in Har Zion, tracts of land there,

and other properties in Yerushalayim ,


and around the Kinneret, and


user posted image

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1.Hebrew news reports:

לקראת ביקור האפיפיור בשבוע הבא, הנשיא פרס לוחץ על שר הפנים לוותר על מקומות בתבור וליד הכנרת ס'הכ שש מקומות ,כדי להפיס את רצון האפיפיור הכועס שלא מוכנים לתת לו בשום פנים ואופן את שני החדרים בהר ציון, חדרי הסעודה האחרונה. ושוב הופיע סטס מיסז'ניקוב בקולו ועכשיו אני יותר מדייק:
'לו היינו בטוחים שיבואו מיליוני תיירים נוצרים אולי היה מקום לחשוב על כך, אבל מכיון שאין בכך בטחון איננו מוכנים לחלק מתנות'
המודיעין ועבודת הנמלים של ד'ר דייזי שטרן במשך כל השנים האחרונות , כולל לגבי הנפשות הפועלות  היה נכון ועכשיו יוצא בגלוי.
צריך להפעיל ולהמשיך את הלחץ הציבורי של כל שלומי אמוני ישראל מול ניסיון המחטף האפיפיורי בראשות הסוכן הנאמן -פרס.
במיוחד חייבים ללחוץ על המפלגות הדתיות שבקואליציה ולעורר את מנהיגי הציבור החרדי מרפאונו ותרדמתו. אני די נדהם ,איך היה לרבנות הראשית פספוס כזה שהיא כמעט נתנה ידה לענין?
להצלחה בהמשך המאבק הכולל נגד הפויפס הנאצי ,ושונאי ישראל הרוחניים החמסנים והחצופים, עד למניעת בוא הצורר לארץ או גירושו בבושת פנים מיד עם ביאתו.
לבל משה

הודעה מהבוקר בשעה שמונה ברדיו קול ישראל, או אולי גלי צהל:
מתיחות קשה בין ירושלים לותיקן לקראת ביקור האפיפיור.הותיקן דורש שני חדרים בהר ציון וישראל איננה מוכנה לתת, ואז מופיע שר התיירות ,אדם בשם סטניסלב מיסז'ניקוב.'היינו מוכנים לתת אם היינו בטוחים שיבואו לפחות מיליון תיירים, אבל זה לא מובטח . אז מה פתאום, אנחנו מחלקים מתנות?'
כל פירוש מיותר,
לבל משה

2.Peres Presses for Cave-In to Vatican

Iyar 10, 5769, 04 May 09 01:35
by Hillel Fendel

( President Shimon Peres is pressuring Interior Minister Eli Yishai to sign away six properties demanded by the Vatican, including Mt. Tabor and a church in Nazareth, according to IDF Army Radio.

The Vatican has long demanded that Israel give it these and other properties, while Israel has refused.  With the visit of Pope Benedict XVI only a week away, tensions between the sides are rising.

Minister Yishai, of the Sephardic hareidi-religious Shas party, has thus far refused to give his approval – and staffers in the President's office say they'll seek a legal way to give away the areas without Yishai's approval, IDF Army Radio reports.  An official denial of the report has been issued by the President's office.

Israel and the Vatican have been negotiating for more than ten years on various fiscal issues, including taxation of Church properties, the removal of certain areas from the pool of areas that Israel might confiscate, and the transfer of specific places to Vatican control.

The six places that Peres believes Israel should give the Vatican are: Mt. Tabor, Capernaum and Mt. of Beatitudes on the north Kinneret shore, and three churches: Gethsemane (Gat Shmanim) Church in the Kidron (Jehoshaphat) Valley between the Old City and Mt. of Olives, the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth, and one in Tamra.

In addition, the Vatican demands control over the Last Supper Room in the Mt. Zion building that houses King David's Tomb. The building was granted to the Diaspora Yeshiva over 40 years ago, and yeshiva heads fear that the Catholic Church wishes to turn it into a pilgrimage site for hundreds of thousands of Catholics and hold religious services there. Peres did not include this site on the list of those he feels Israel should give the Vatican.

Tourism Minister: No
Tourism Minister Stas Mesezhnikov, of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, told IDF Army Radio that he objects to giving gifts of this nature to the Church.  He explained that his objections are not necessarily religious or ideological: "If we would be sure that this would bring millions of Christian pilgrims, then we would have cause to think about it. But since we can't be sure that this will happen, why should we give them gifts?"

Giving the properties away means that Israel will not be able to pave roads or lay electricity and other infrastructures without Vatican approval.

Knesset Initiative
An initiative is underway to garner Knesset Members' signatures on a petition calling on Yishai not to give in to the President's pressure, and averring that no one has the right to give away Israel's sovereign territory to a foreign entity.

"Every concession of this nature is a blow to Israel's ability to act as a sovereign state in these areas," Minister Yishai told IDF Army Radio in response. "I am sure that the Pope's visit will not be harmed even if we do not give away our sovereignty."

IDF Army Radio then sought out a reaction from Yossi Beilin, a Peres protégé and former head of the ultra-left Meretz party. "We have dragged our feet long enough in the negotiations with the Vatican," Beilin said, "and it's time for us to go towards the Church in this and other matters."

Expert: Forbidden to Give In
Prof. Yitzchak Minerbi, an author and expert on Israel-Vatican relations, told Israel National News, "Even if some Vatican sources threaten to call off the visit if we do not give in – and there are definitely some elements there who don't want the visit to happen – this is no reason to give in... In my opinion, it is clear that this pope is more friendly to the Arabs, and particularly to the Palestinians, than he is to Israel."

Minerbi said that Israel is wrong for not giving in on the matter of tax exemptions for churches, "because whatever we can buy with money, let's just buy.  But regarding religion or ideology – we must not give in even one iota. And that's why I object to the agreement signed in 1993 between Israel and the Vatican, which practically begins with the words, 'in awareness of the historic process of reconciliation between Catholics and Jews.' When we say reconciliation, we mean an understanding between equals – but the Catholics understand it to mean that they will swallow and convert us.  We – government officials and rabbis - must do our homework better!"

Regarding Mt. Zion, Prof. Minerbi is equally admant: "The arrangement there is one one that has worked for over 150 years - namely, the status quo set in place all the way back in 1852. There are many competing claims there between various churches, etc., and if any small change is made, it can rock the whole structure."

4. I received an article in Hebrew from Maariv this morning according to which NETANYAHU would be asked to make the final decision in regard to the giving the properties to the pope. The article disappeared, instead appeared the article about SPAIN DECIDING TO PROSECUTE PUBLIC FIGURES IN ISRAEL:here in English in the Jerusalem Post.

You have to understand that this is TYPICAL of the way the Vatican operates: now it is putting heavy pressure on Netanyahu, via SPAIN WHICH DEFERS TO THE VATICAN, to FORCE HIM TO AGREE TO TRANSFER THE PROPERTIES. THIS IS BLACKMAIL PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Once you understand how they work, you can read the news, and understand immediately what's going on.


The Jerusalem Post Internet Edition

Spanish judge pushes ahead with probe of 2002 Gaza bombing

May. 4, 2009
Associated Press , THE JERUSALEM POST

A Spanish judge said Monday he will continue to investigate seven current and former Israeli officials over an air force bombing in Gaza in 2002 that killed Hamas terrorist Salah Shehadeh, his right-hand man, Zaher Nasser, and 13 others, including nine children.

Prosecutors last month urged Judge Fernando Andreu of Spain's National Court to suspend the inquiry on the grounds Israel was still investigating the attack, but Andreu rejected the request on Monday, saying he has found no evidence of such an investigation in Israel.{DS; at the time, the negotiations about Har Tzion looked good!}

Andreu first agreed to open the case in January at the request of Palestinian relatives of victims of the attack.

Andreu said he was acting under Spain's observance of the principle of universal jurisdiction, which holds that grave crimes such as genocide, terrorism or torture can be prosecuted here even if alleged to have been committed elsewhere.

Andreu said the 2002 bombing in densely populated Gaza City might constitute a crime against humanity.

On Monday, the Spanish judge wrote that Israel's military conducted an internal investigation but IDF and civilian prosecutors declined to open proceedings of their own. He said for this reason Spain has jurisdiction to keep investigating.

"In Israel there has not been, nor is there now under way, any legal proceedings aimed at investigating" the bombing, the judge wrote.

Andreu's initial decision to investigate infuriated the Israeli government. Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said in response that Spain planned to modify its law to narrow the scope of universal jurisdiction cases to those with a clear link to Spain.

But no reform to this effect has yet to make it to the Spanish parliament for debate or a vote.


Israeli figures under suspicion in the investigation included former Defense Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, then-Air Force Commander Dan Halutz, former Shin Bet Israel Security Agency head Avi Dichter, and former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon.

5.a) A Hebrew summary of my extensively researched article:


b) the link to my article first published on Rosh Chodesh Nissan, which started the whole process of OPPOSING ANY CONCESSIONS TO THIS RASHA OF A POPE.


News reports:
A.from S.I.R.: ( Catholic Vatican news site)


 Visit to the Chief Rabbinate!
Jerusalem (Cenacle): Regina Coeli Prayer with Ordinaries of the Holy Land; ( minyan to the Virgin Mary, 'Queen of Heaven")
Jerusalem (Josafat Valley): Holy Mass.

B. from Arutz7: Hillel Fendel:

The pope will first visit the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, meeting with the Grand Mufti. He will proceed from there to the Western Wall, and from there to meetings with Chief Rabbis Shlomo Amar and Yona Metzger in the building that long housed Israel's Chief Rabbinate, Heichal Shlomo At noon, he will visit the Last Supper Room, known as the Cenacle, on Mt. Zion, in the same building that houses King David's Tomb.



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