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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Following the call from the World Council of Churches to malign Israel, I figured it would take a day or two after Bibi's meeting with Obama before the attacks begin. What I did NOT expect is a provocation from Gaza - a rocket. But of course!

FOLLOWING the call from the World Council of Churches last week to start a major campaign against Israel, I figured it would take a day or two after Bibi's meeting with Obama before the attacks bega, that somehow the press would find reasons to be critical of Bibi. What I did NOT expect is the perfidy of a provocation from Gaza - a rocket. But of course!


Dear all,

I warned you last week that the level of incitement against Israel would rise, culminating in the June 4-10 "TIME FOR PALESTINE"' week. I figured the world would wait and see what transpires in Washington, and then find a reason to assail Israel.

What I did NOT expect is the kind of PERFIDY I see having occurred; A ROCKET BEING FIRED FROM GAZA... but of course! THEY needed a provocation, so that Israel would retaliate, and so the fury could be reignited, with even more intensity than last time: A GAZA REDUX, with massive propaganda, false claims followed by retractions, etc, etc,


What better way to provoke Israel to attack than to fire a rocket at Sderot, once more?


"There were no claims of responsibility for the rocket fire issued by any militant groups based in Hamas-ruled Gaza.

The rocket was the first to strike inside an Israeli town in several weeks. Rocket fire from Gaza had dropped since a January 18 truce that ended Israel's 22-day offensive against Gaza's Islamic militants."

Then of course, Israel retaliated, a Gazan gets killed..... and here we go again:

now the press can get into the act in full swing.

We absolutely need to demand an investigation, to find out which group fired the rocket into Israel: what is the group's affiliation? What ties does it have to the West? Whose idea was it to start this new cycle of violence in Gaza?? Did anybody incite the Arabs to do that? Was the group responsible for the attack aware of the coming campaign of incitement against Israel by the W.C.C.?

Let us not fall into the same trap. over and over and over. Let us not assume that the Arabs do everything on their own, without help from their Westerner and European friends. UNRWA is right there, and is in collusion with Rome and their friends. Foreigners are there for 'humanitarian"reasons, etc. etc.

The typical pattern is, the leftists, the Westerners foment the violence, and then the Arabs perpetrate it, which the inciters calmly walk away. Did the same thing happen this time again?

CRUCIAL QUESTION, so we can point the finger towards ALL THE CULPRITS of this perfidious provocation.


See below the propaganda starting, : 806 articles already, and see how many are hostile to Israel!

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