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Monday, May 11, 2009

The rabbis who grovel at the feet of this MURDEROUS CRUSADER make me sick: I don't even want to copy the link, even that is too much. Let it be known that the JP has an article on Shear Yashuv Cohen, and Ynet has one on David Rosen, below

... and then there is a long article on Ynet mentioning the speech of Peres,. That guy makes me want to puke, simply. If you want to read the speech, go ahead. I'd rather forget it, and go to a MEDURA in honor of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

These so-called Jews, and specially these so-called rabbis, are an utter disgrace, specially comparing them to the rabbis who had the courage to take the proper stand befitting a representative of the Jewish people.

And this slime, this rotten garbage Peres, there are simply no words.....

In fact, yes, there are some words, reported to me by SHmuel earlier today:

" I will never forget a visit of Mrs. Golda Meir to Argentina when we were in Hachsharah.
A training farm about 200 kilometers from BA.
Her Embassy Dodge radiator blew up and she had to stay with us for several hours.
During those hours we, about fifteen trainees, had a chance to talk with her about various
issues and at the end about some israeli politicians, amongst others Peres.
I wish I had a recording of her utter disgust about the "dangerous person".
She considered him a true representation of the worst attributes.
Time has proven that the treacherous disgrace is and was so from day one.
Every hour that the stain remain in any position of power is another hour of mortal danger
to us all.
I plead to one and all to help organize the Jewish National Convention so the
people can flush that scum and create a NEW government system populated by people
of honor.  
There is no such a thing as changing that rotten core from "within".  That sing song of protests,
faxes, petitions, vigils are irrelevant, have accomplished nothing and allowed for the enemy
within to advance its plans. 
The present "leadership structure has to be removed and some of those folk made to face
NEWLY elected courts.
Otherwise plan for the complete destruction of Eretz Israel, Jerusalem and most Jews."

I hope they each get the punishment they deserve.


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