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Thursday, May 28, 2009

But I was thinking: THIS TUESDAY AT 11 AM, BEFORE THIS EFFORT, during the " DRILL", how do we know that this is not exactly what they plan to do: EVACUATE, while the ROADS ARE BLOCKED??! Re: Tuesday-planting in outposts



Touring and Planting in the Outposts

Tuesday June 2th, 2009


After  the miraculous victory of the Six Day War, when G-d enabled us to return to our Biblical Heartland, we expected the government of Israel to start a wave of massive building  and indeed, after lots of pressure by the pioneers, the Biblical cities were built- in Jerusalem, Hebron, Beit El, Shilo, Ofra, Shchem etc…

This continued until the Oslo agreements.


Since Oslo, the government of Israel has ceased settling Israel's heartland: the historic cradle of Jewish civilization and thus has ceased to fulfill its main natural and national mission.


We, the settlers, have mostly submitted to governmental dictates while seeking to evade them via all kinds of behind-the-scenes deals and maneuvers – like during the Exile.  However, we've now reached the point of total strangulation.Our children and grandchildren cannot live in the communities in which they grew up for no building is allowed. All building permits are given by the defense Minister.If he does not give his signature, the building becomes "illegal". A ludicrous and unbearable situation.


When you're being strangled and your life is threatened, you break the attacker's hold.  So too, when Israel's government refused to openly and proudly build up the Jewish presence in our homeland -- as is normal and proper -- we were forced to expand to the hilltops and build  the outposts.


Now, once again, the government has surrendered to foreign and domestic pressure with its specious decision to destroy 26 outposts under the guise of "enforcing the law."  It hopes to appease the would-be destroyers by trading the outposts for our opponents' kind permission to allow natural growth in the settlement blocks and Jerusalem.


Unfortunately, we know from past experience that every time we compromise, they continue to destroy.  Besides the increase in terror and war, our concessions just whet their appetites for the next course.


The so-called "outposts" are mostly communities in every way -- young families living in proper homes, children, nursery schools, and synagogues.  But aside from what the outposts are, their importance lies in what they mean: they show us the proper direction and they illuminate our national mission to continue building and settling the Land of Israel.  That is what our enemies are so eager to uproot.


This coming Tuesday, June 2nd,2009 we will tour the outposts

to see them from up close and to stand by them in their hour of need.


We will visit Mitzpe Avigail in the North Hebron Hills,

Chazon David, the Federman Farm  and Mitzpe Avichai in Kiryat Arba and  Ma'ale Rechavam in Gush Etzion.


At 7:00pm we will all gather in Maaleh Rehavam for a ceremony and planting trees with the participation of

Member of Knesset Michael Ben Ari, Attn Elyakim Haetzni, Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf



We will set out in our cars and by bus (registration is a must- fee for the bus 10nis)

At 3:30pm- from Jerusalem Inbal Hotel

At 4:00 pm – from the Gush Etzion intersection

At 4:30- from Kiryat Arba Hebron, next to security department

We will meet the residents of each outpost and hear from them some explanation about the place they live in and why the plan to uproot outposts is so dangerous  for Israel.



Organized by

 Women in Green- The Action Committees of Efrat, Gush Etzion, and Kiryat Arba Hebron- The Committee for a Jewish Shdema


For details  and to register for the bus: Nadia Matar 0505-500834 Yehudit Katzover 050-7161818



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