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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Now couple that with OPENING TZIR TZION TO THE PA Arabs, and it doesn't take a wild imagination to figure out what will happen.

National Union MKs to Visit Hevron

Iyar 23, 5769, 17 May 09 02:34

( Defense Minister Ehud Barak has granted permission for a delegation of Knesset members from the National Union party to visit areas of Hevron controlled by Palestinian Authority police. IDF Army Radio reported that the military will provide an escort. The Knesset members issues a statement in protests of an Israeli government decision to allow the deployment of thousands of PA police loyal to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in large areas of the town.

Following the 1997 Hevron Agreement, the city was divided into two sectors: H1 and H2. The H1 sector, home to an estimated 160,000 PA Arabs, is under PA control. The H2 section, inhabited by 30,000 PA Arabs, remains under Israeli military control to protect the 600 Jewish residents in the old Jewish quarter.

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