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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The pope is starting with his full-scale INCITEMENT against the settlers, Israel, and our right to this Land, calling on the whole world to fight us; HE IS DIRECTLY AND PERSONALLY  ENCOURAGING THE COMING POGROMS.

Also watch blood libels against settlers in the media , worldwide, increase as we approach June 4th :

claims of  " settler violence", most of the time a code word for

ARAB, LEFTIST,  AND SHABAK PROVOCATIONS against us, with responses from Jews in self-defense


This is typical Nazi tactics, - demonization - , justifying the slaughter of Jews in Yehuda and Shomron

Watch the media whip up the hatred - and jealousy of the 'rich Jews"who live comfortably in the settlements - into a frenzy.

But don't think that only the settlers will be the victims.

Israel is center stage, and with it, the cries of "JEWS TO THE GAS CHAMBERS"", "Hitler didn't finish the Job",  that we heard in previous demonstrations worldwide.

Under the leadership of CAESAR DAMNATUS I,  LEADER OF THIS UNHOLY ROMAN EMPIRE, the EMPIRE is ready for its crusade against AM Yisrael.

We need to be prepared NOW.


What the pope said to the arabs - pure incitement against the Jews and Israel.

Visiting refugee camp, pope says W. Bank barrier 'tragic'

May. 13, 2009 Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST

The Palestinians scored a major publicity coup on Wednesday when Pope Benedict XVI spoke from a podium near the security barrier in the Aida refugee camp and the pontiff called the erection of the fence "tragic."

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salaam Fayad were in attendance as the pope visited a school near the barrier and 61 black balloons, symbolizing the 61 years since Israel was established, were released into the air.

Schoolchildren filed passed the pontiff and shook his hand.

"Towering over us, as we gather here this afternoon, is a stark reminder of the stalemate that relations between Israelis and Palestinians seem to have reached - the wall," said the pope. "In a world where more and more borders are being opened up - to trade, to travel, to movement of peoples, to cultural exchanges - it is tragic to see walls still being erected."

He said that on both sides of the wall, great courage was needed if fear and mistrust were to be overcome and if the urge to retaliate for loss or injury were to be resisted.

"My visit to the Aida refugee camp this afternoon gives me a welcome opportunity to express my solidarity with all the homeless Palestinians who long to be able to return to their birthplace, or to live permanently in a homeland of their own," said the pope. "To all the officials of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency who care for the refugees, I express the appreciation felt by countless men and women all over the world for the work that is done here and in other camps throughout the region."

He urged residents of the refugee camp to prepare for the time when they will be responsible for the affairs of the Palestinian people in years to come.

"Parents have a most important role here, and to all the families present in this camp I say: be sure to support your children in their studies and to nurture their gifts, so that there will be no shortage of well-qualified personnel to occupy leadership positions in the Palestinian community in the future," he said.

The pope went on to say that his "heart goes out" to all Palestinians who have suffered through family divisions caused by imprisonment, bereavement or movement restrictions.

"All Palestinian refugees across the world, especially those who lost homes and loved ones during the recent conflict in Gaza, are constantly remembered in my prayers," he assured them.

He said that the "Palestinians' longing for peace" took on a particular poignancy as they recalled the "events of May 1948" and the years of conflict that followed.

"You are now living in precarious and difficult conditions, with limited opportunities for employment," he said. "It is understandable that you often feel frustrated. Your legitimate aspirations for permanent homes, for an independent Palestinian State, remain unfulfilled. Instead you find yourselves trapped, as so many in this region and throughout the world are trapped, in a spiral of violence, of attack and counter-attack, retaliation, and continual destruction."

Benedict stressed that the entire world was longing for end to the constant fighting and that history had shown that peace could only come when the parties to a conflict were willing to move beyond their grievances and work together towards common goals, each taking the concerns and fears of the other side seriously and striving to build an atmosphere of trust.

"There has to be a willingness to take bold and imaginative initiatives towards reconciliation," he said. "But if each insists on prior concessions from the other, the result can only be stalemate."

Benedict added that while humanitarian aid had an essential role to play, the long-term solution to the Middle East conflict could only be political.

"No one expects the Palestinian and Israeli peoples to arrive at it on their own," he continued. "The support of the international community is vital, and hence I make a renewed appeal to all concerned to bring their influence to bear in favor of a just and lasting solution, respecting the legitimate demands of all parties and recognizing their right to live in peace and dignity, in accordance with international law."

He emphasized, though, that diplomatic efforts could only succeed if Palestinians and Israelis themselves were willing to emerge from the cycle of violence.

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