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Friday, May 22, 2009

VERY POWERFUL NEW VIDEO,out of EGYPT this time, to remind us of the murderous impulse of the Muslims against us - in case we could ever forget! האיסלאם צמא לדם יהודי - הטפה גלויה ברדיו המצרי

On another note - from the other side of the globe - I received this from Rabbi Dov S.; thank you.

האיסלאם צמא לדם יהודים

It is revolting that Egypt, which, ironically, has signed a peace treaty with us, allows its television broadcasting station to be used for promoting genocide.


One of many Moslem broadcasts, this time on Egyptian TV.

It's always good to keep this perspective in mind.

I've avoided sending this stuff out until now but the stream has become a river and I wanted to share....






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