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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


12:57 AM Dov: time to drink a l'chaim to world wide isolation. It's just us with HaShem against the entire world. What a Mechaya
12:59 AM me: Isn't it good? What a sense of relief, wouldn't you agree?
1:00 AM So maybe now Bibi won't have to try and pretend ?
1:01 AM Good to speak with you again, Dov. So what do you think of the situation now?
  SO WHO is the famous Mashiach Ben Yosef, can you say it now?
1:02 AM Dov: He might just be Mashiach ben Yosef. We shall see where this Isolation and his war against Amalek leads. You saw that he thinks that Iran is now amalek?
1:03 AM me: Yes, I saw. And you know what, I was also thinking that HE might be the one, don't ask me why, just this intuition.
  Or did you mention this in one of your columns, ever? Maybe it was subliminal influence from you?
1:04 AM Dov: mentioned it in several responses to people's questions since I started writing
 me: But there is a problem : Bibi and the pope. How could MBY be fooled by such a big Rasha, tell me?
1:05 AM - So maybe that is where I got the idea, not my great inspiration
 Dov: How was he fooled.
 me: He made concessions to him, allowed all these gifts, "viturim", continued massa umatan
1:06 AM Dov: How did he give in?
1:07 AM me: And the article by Carolyn Glick according to which being allied with the pope is a great thing. And we know she is a Bibi fan. And the JP , etc.
  How? They gave him tons of tax concessions, worth about 300 million NIS, if I am not mistaken: the honor they gave him, that they allowed him to do his Avoda Zara in public, a real slap in the face of every Jew In Israel, etc. etc.
1:08 AM Shimon Peres promised, and promised, and Bibi obliged.
1:09 AM Dov: The Poop will have his day. Do not worry when Israel attacks Iran the EU will quickly respond
 me: Mashiach ben Yosef, I WOULD think, would have put him in his place.
1:10 AM Dov: The Poop will be leading the way. Only then will MBY respond
 me: What do you mean?
1:11 AM The poop is our biggest enemy besides Ahmed...
  So, do you think that the "drill" will be the real thing?
1:12 AM Dov: Right now Bibi is only Chezkat MBY. Like MBDavid who comes after him, he will lead the nation through a series of Tests
  The confrontation with the Catholic Church will come after the confrontation with Iran
 me: What exactly is Chezkat MBY?
1:13 AM Oh yeah? Interesting . Why do you say that?
 Dov: willing to lead the nation through world wide isolation to destroy Amalek
1:14 AM That is chezkat MBY. Success will show him or whomever is successful to be MBY
1:17 AM Daisy, I have to say good night. But it looks like that today was a very good day. L'chaim and good night
 me: L'Chaim. Can I post?
1:18 AM 
  and good night, of course
 Dov: yes
 me: Thank you, Mazel Tov, sey gebenscht!

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