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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Re: But I was thinking: THIS TUESDAY AT 11 AM, BEFORE THIS EFFORT, during the " DRILL", how do we know that this is not exactly what they plan to do: EVACUATE, while the ROADS ARE BLOCKED??! Re: Tuesday-planting in outposts

SHmuel writes:

The drill is a sham and even the stray cats know it.
Our "miklatim" which are public miklatim, supposedly taken care by the PIKUD and Municipality are abandoned, flooded, the sewers overflowing, no electricity or water...
No one can even locate THE KEYS!!!
What do "they" intend to do is what we denounced for years and received no support to prevent. The unJews will destroy communities again.
The JEWS that continued to vote for the israeli garbage will get what they voted for while they continue to "do" as hapless patriots, "vigils", "protests", symbolic tree plantings and other utterly irrelevant silly games while the unJews prepare psychopaths to assault in force.
We just DO NOT LEARN a thing as our beloved late Adir Zik pronounced.  We have a "juke dafuk"... or more than one.
Sooner or later more likely too late, some will wake up, to no avail.

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