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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Re:SHOCKING NEWS: please investigate at the highest levels, see what's going on: ISRAEL SOLD PROPERTY IN JERUSALEM TO THE VATICAN?????

From Hillel Fendel:

I wrote to Chaya that The Jpost article in Dec '08 wrote: "In 2006, the Vatican-linked Carmelite Church, which owns the Baka property, announced it was not keen on renewing the lease for the building containing the ulpan's dormitory and dining room."
i.e., it wasn't sold to a church; it is already owned by a church

DS replies:

Great; so one more down to go. Bit by bit, all of Jerusalem is being taken away from us.

What should we do about this one: is there ANYTHING that can be done at this stage? Just accept it and move on?

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