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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Re: Now couple that with OPENING TZIR TZION TO THE PA Arabs, and it doesn't take a wild imagination to figure out what will happen.

Jack, another smart man and an attorney, says this:

There is no time like the present to prepare for the self-defense of the community and not in Kiriyat Arb'a-Hevron alone and not in Yosh alone. The whole country is on the front lines now, including Sheikh Munis, where Tel-Aviv University stands. We have people in every community in the country who know how to create, arm and train local self-defense units. What a pity they did not do it ten years ago when Ehud Barak said that we would have to take more responsibility for our own defense. They have to step forward now and do it.



SHmuel said this;

Lovely. Please do send me a copy of the speeches...
Meanwhile... Are there preparations for self defense?
It is a foregone conclusion of who is behind the decision and what the objective is.
Does the community there want to be ready to:
A: Fight?
B: Run?
The way I see it is... The "visit" is just another smoke screen. 
It means nothing to the PTB, "visits", "declarations", "referendums", NOTHING.
Be prepared!

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