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Monday, May 25, 2009

Re:There you go. I figured they wouldn't start on a Sunday. (Small print, EMBASSIES also hit). Starbucks is a KOSHER chain, where a lot of Jews eat and drink. Apparently there is a Starbucks boycott in place. Read below.

Sorry, error: the embassies were hit in earlier years:

Police were investigating whether the blast was related to an explosion at the British consulate in 2005, a blast at the Mexican consulate in 2007 and an explosion at a U.S. military recruiting station in Times Square in 2008.

Each of the explosions occurred at about the same time of day, police said. In each one, damage was limited and no injuries occurred

Only Starbucks got hit. YOU CAN IMAGINE WHY. And by whom? On the surface, I bet you that Muslim will be implicated. Scratch UNDER THE SURFACE?  Your guess.

 Before you know it, I am afraid New York will be the way Jerusalem was during the intifada, megaterror attacks against Jewish targets. I HOPE I AM WRONG.The idea is to get the Galut Jews ANGRY AT ISRAEL for refusing to divide Jerusalem  and create a palestinian state, which is SUICIDE for Israel, so THEY will beg and pressure Israel to commit suicide, so THEY, the Galuti Jews, can live in peace in the Galut.

So Jews, instead of getting angry at Israel, which is what the reshaim are planning for you, maybe it is time to come home?

Just a thought.


Worried about you guys!



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