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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some answers to a question raised regarding the evidence I have , that there would soon be lots of raging fury against Israel and the Jews in the coming weeks, worldwide, and specifically the week of June 4-10

Rabbi Stein asks:

Are these the evidences?



Washington, JTA -After years of focusing on gays and lesbians with
its protests, the Westboro Baptist Church
has a new target -- the Jewish community.
The Topeka, Kan.-based church, which features the slogan "God Hates
Fags," protested at three Jewish sites here last
Friday afternoon. The protests are part of a series of upcoming rallies
that will bring members of the church to Jewish
community institutions in Omaha, St. Louis, South Florida and
Providence in the next few weeks,
according to the
church's Web site and fliers the group is distributing that list
scheduled protests and proclaim "Jews Killed the Lord


Deborah Lauter, the ADL's director of civil rights, said the church has
always been "anti-Semitic" but never targeted the
Jewish community until recently
. She said the ADL isn't entirely sure
what triggered the new focus on Jews
, but
speculated that the help the ADL provided to a school that the church
picketed last month for performing the musical
"Rent" could have something to do with it....


DS answers:


Dear Rabbi Stein,

I don't know if there will be pogroms: I just forwarded this article, which I had just received,( together with the title "POGROMS'' chosen by the person who sent it to me) right after I wrote the item about the World Council of Churches's plans for the week of June 4-10.

The EVIDENCE is to be found on the website of the WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES, what they plan to do, the massive demonstrations, media blitz, etc, against ISRAEL and the SETTLEMENTS, and in FAVOR OF THE POOR PALESTINIANS AND POOR GAZANS.


Read the prayer they sent worldwide, whom they are enlisting, etc. etc.

The evidence is also the meeting of the heads of the churches with the pope on Har Tzion, and the fact that the Catholic church is heavily involved in those preparations.

See, below, taken from that site, a quote:

From the beginning, there has been strong international and national participation by members of the Catholic peace movement, Pax Christi.
Now read about who PAX CHRISTI IS:

Its philosophical foundation stems from the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus and the tradition laid forth by the older Pax Romana ICMICA/MIIC (leaders of which founded Pax Christi in 1945), and Pax Christi strives to play a pioneer role in the research of solutions of armed conflicts. .

Pax Romana has a consultative status of INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization) at the United Nations and its missions in New York, Paris, Geneva, Vienna. Pax Romana is also recognized as an ICO (International Catholic Organization) accredited with the Vatican Pontifical Council for Lay People and the Secretariat of State.

...There are already 140 U.S. bishops who count on Pax Christi to keep them informed of important issues and opportunities for action.

See the previous e-mail that I posted yesterday, about the DIRECT involvement of the pope in this movement,to arouse the masses in favor of Palestine, and against Israel.

Also, NGO's will be drafted to help. Read all the details of the World Council of Churches preparations, which actually date to May 5th, which means that they had planned this thing even before the arrival of the pope to Israel, with the involvement of the Catholic Church via Pax Christi, among others..

During the Gaza War, a lot of NGO's, such as the Ford Foundation, and ANSWER,  were involved in the planning, financing, etc.of the violent demonstrations against Israel, which ended up with fury in many countries, and signs and calls of "JEWS TO THE GAS CHAMBERS", etc; the churches were involved as well. It is true that the world saw the PLO, Hamas, arabs,etc. demonstrating violently, but they never saw the HAND BEHIND THE VIOLENCE, so they don't associate the violent demonstrations with the people who organized that.

But this time, this is a WORLDWIDE MASS movement - they sent letters to 120 countries! - , starting with the POPE' S PRONOUNCEMENTS out of Jerusalem, and therefore, it has even more weight than a call by ADALAH-NY, or ANSWER, the organization of George Soros,for example, to action.

So whether there will be pogroms or not, I am not sure. I sure hope that there won't. But for sure there will be LOTS OF UGLY DEMONSTRATIONS AGAINST ISRAEL ALL OVER THE WORLD, A MEDIA BLITZ AGAINST US, and violence. Whether Jews will get hurt, I sure hope not.

 Last time there was violence against Jews, FIREBOMBS were thrown at Jews during demonstrations,and the police sided with the violent demonstrators in Sweden, US, etc.

Now the pope, after organizing this, meets with the CONSULS of those very same countries: what did they discuss? I don't know, but the fact of the matter is, LAST TIME the GOVERNMENTS GAVE THE RIOTERS A FREE HANDS AGAINST THE JEWS, and RESTRAINED THE JEWS from protesting.

What makes you think it will be different this time, with ALL THE CHURCHES ALERTED?

So even if there is no pogrom, for sure there will be SOME violence against Jews, those who demonstrate. Will they go to Jewish homes, like in Crown Heights? I have no way of knowing.

But it is sure strange that this notice of a threat to Jews by that particular church should come just as this is happening, and right after the speech of the Pope in Bethlehem.

Something very dark and not kosher is going on. Where did that church get the idea to say these words? Did they get INCITED by the World Council of Churches plans? I would think it is a good possibility.

I do not want to sound like a fear mongerer, or a hysterical person, or Chas ve Chalilah, like a false prophet: but there is nothing prophetic about what I am saying, I am only reading what these people are planning for us, and remembering what happened only months ago, and seeing it in the context of the pope's involvement.

And as a final note, let me please send you pictures that I received from E. Phelps, author of VATICAN'S ASSASSINS - NOT related to the Phelps of that church, actually quite opposed them! -, as well as from Boris, our correspondent in Germany.


From Eric Phelps:

Attached is prima facie evidence that the Jesuits ruled the Third Reich.  This Nazi Socialist Women's League medal created in 1931 has a white cross on a black background, the symbol of the German Teutonic Knights revived as the Bavarian SS in the Jesuit haven of Bamberg, Bavaria.  The evil Suavastika (points to the right with a left-hand spin in the wind) as opposed to the swastika (points to the left with a right-hand spin in the wind) is in red, the symbol of blood and a broken Knights Templar Cross.  On the left is an "I" in gold; on the right is an "H" in gold, and at the bottom is an "S" in gold---IHS, the seal of the Jesuit General.
The Jesuits ruled the Third Reich/SS/Gestapo. ........

And from BORIS

This is not an isolated incident.


Here is an article about it:


And to finish, some words from a friend of Chaya's, who sent me this:

Daisy shalom,
This below is from a friend who has expert knowledge of the Catholic Church - she agrees with everything you wrote!

Dina - what do you think of all this below? Chaya.


Right on target!

Oh are we in real trouble, then!!!
This might help Daisy a lot with your expertise - would you like me to send your reply to Daisy & be in contact with her for this particular thing? 

Seriously, I don't know any more or have any more expertise than Daisy - her observations are right on target all the time, not just this time. If you've been reading Barry Chamish's stuff about the pope, you would see that what he says both backs up what Daisy wrote and is frightening in other ways, too, as it describes all kinds of secret deals between Peres and the vatican re giving them Jewish property. (Somebody on Facebook wrote: "Did you know Peres is a Jesuit?" Wouldn't surprise me a bit. He is without a doubt the most treacherous man in this country, maybe even on the face of this earth.)
You can send my reply to Daisy if you want, but I don't see how it will help any, and she doesn't need me, believe me. What should be done is to spread the word on her message below as much all over as possible, because people don't realize what's really going on with this pope's visit. It doesn't help to have the "experts" (your word, not mine) just communicating with each other. The average Israeli has to be reached, since a lot of them have not even the slightest idea of the dangers of the pope's visit and what he really stands for. A lot of them - far too many of them - are all ga-ga over his visit! I met one at the demonstration on Sunday who believes we should just "forgive and forget" the church's crimes for the sake of "peace"... and I have the sinking feeling she's definitely not alone in her beliefs. This is the kind of person that needs to be reached with Daisy's message.



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