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Monday, May 18, 2009

Re: ADVICE FROM MY BROKER....more advice , from somebody else's broker !))

Even better, dried foods and water. Grains, legumes, dried vegetables, powdered milk, powdered egg. Bulgur uses one cup of water per cup of bulgur. Rice and other grains need two. Store the grains and legumes in sealed containers. Get a seltzer maker that you can attach a tube to and, instead of carbonating the water, fill the containers with CO2. Bugs can't live in CO2. Matches and water purification tablets.


Buy or make a solar cooker, a "rocket stove" (burns twigs) and a composting toilet for when the water grid breaks down. Buy a kiddies' wading pool to grow algae in to harvest for food. Get a roll of black plastic and a length of 4" PVC pipe to make a condensation collector.


Ammunition is a good investment.






TRUE STORY, received from ET:


Dear Friends & Family,  i sent this to my Broker in USA.....................ET


I thought this was good advice!!!

I called my stockbroker today and asked, 
"what are you buying" ?

His answer: Canned Goods and Ammunition.





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