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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Re: SHOCKING NEWS: please investigate at the highest levels, see what's going on: ISRAEL SOLD PROPERTY IN JERUSALEM TO THE VATICAN?????

Who is willing to, and good at , doing that? A TABU SEARCH: LAWYERS???

WHo is willing to speak to the Yeshiva? Any volunteers?

Thank you, SHmuel, for your good suggestions.


SHmuel said:

I would not doubt it in the least but we need details.
The easy part is a TABU search warrant by the PEOPLE by court order. The sale contract if any would be also part of public access records.
Until we get that evidence we may strongly suspect and I do suspect the information being true but cannot go into the relevant authorities with facts.
Another process to ferret out the truth would be to go the Yeshiva and try to gain access. 

Subject: SHOCKING NEWS: please investigate at the highest levels, see what's going on: ISRAEL SOLD PROPERTY IN JERUSALEM TO THE VATICAN?????


Hello, Y'all,

Shavuah Tov, Chodesh Tov.

Read what a TRUSTED friend of ours sent me this morning. Shocking. Whoever has access to official sources, please investigate, see if it is true, and if so, who is the guilty party. How cold such a thing go on behind our backs? When did it occur: while the poop was here?

In shock, and very upset.


A gitte voch, Daisy, and chodesh tov,
I have some news. I learned that Ulpan
Etzion in Jerusalem was sold to the Vatican.
The Jewish students were thrown out of their

I heard it last night, word of mouth, two mouths away from a student
who was tossed onto the street.. he told the story...

 I didn't confirm the news I heard--just took it at face value.
Had no reason to doubt it, so I passed it on.

Save Ulpan Etzion!    

Save Ulpan EtzionThis is a letter from the current and past graduates of Ulpan Etzion, a legacy of the last 60 generations of graduates.

Ulpan Etzion is the first Hebrew Ulpan that was founded in 1949 in Israel in the centrally located area of Baka, Jerusalem. It has been in existence since the founding of the State of Israel. The Ulpan's campus in Baka will be closing in the coming days as per the decision of the Jewish Agency.

For the last 60 years Ulpan Etzion has been the first home for thousands of young academic olim from all over the world. Even today young adult Zionists come to Ulpan Etzion in order to learn Hebrew, begin a life in Israel and to contribute to the Israeli society.

Graduates of the Ulpan, current students and staff hope that together we can change the Jewish Agency's decision to close this historic campus and keep its doors open for future generations of olim.

For further information, please:

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