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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Very simple; "THE U.N" - a front for the Vatican - gave the order. DE FACTO DIVISION OF JERUSALEM. WAS THAT PART OF WHAT WAS PROMISED CAESAR FLATULUS I? What does Peres have to do with this, why isn't anybody asking?

What is he afraid of?

Very simple; "THE U.N." - a proxy for the Vatican - gave the order. DE FACTO DIVISION OF JERUSALEM. WAS THAT PART OF WHAT WAS PROMISED CAESAR FLATULUS I?  What does Peres have to do with this? Why isn't anybody asking?

(PS: I haven't VERIFIED this claim: only going by a couple of recent PRECEDENTS in Jerusalem, where the story is the same: the rights of Jews have been clearly restricted in this NEW JERUSALEM the poop proudly described. Proof of that IS available.)

Restrictions on Jerusalem Day Marchers

Iyar 25, 5769, 19 May 09 04:41
by Hillel Fendel

( Jews celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem this Thursday and Friday will not be allowed to conduct their flag-waving march through the Old City's Lions' Gate. MK Uri Ariel: The police were able to protect the Pope, but they can't protect Jewish marchers?

The annual parade-and-march features flag-wavers, music, and dancing and is called "Rikudgalim," a compound Hebrew term for "Flags Dance." It has been held every year since the liberation of the Old City of Jerusalem during the Six-Day War of 1967 and now draws thousands of adults and youths for a musical march/dance from downtown Jerusalem to the Western Wall, via the Old City gates.

Police: Three Reasons
Police informed organizers this week that they would not be permitted to enter Lions' Gate, the only currently-open gate on the Old City's eastern side – the side facing Mt. of Olives. The police gave three reasons: Intelligence information, the need to leave a route open, and the fact that last year the Lions' Gate also was closed to the celebrants.

MK Uri Ariel (National Union) is up in arms: "How can it be that the police, who were able to protect the Pope's visit last week over the course of several days, is not able to protect a group of celebrants for a few hours?" he asks with incredulity.

The need for an open route is similarly laughable, according to MK Ariel: "For 20 years we danced through Lions' Gate and this subject never arose; what has changed now?"

What is He Afraid of?
"What is the district commissioner afraid of?" Ariel wants to know. "In his two years on the job, he has succeeded in protecting events that are many times more complex than this one."

"It is not reasonable to assume," said MK Ariel, "that of all places, the police can't protect Lions' Gate – the place by which the first paratroopers entered to liberate the Old City in 1967."

Compromise Proposal
The organizers protest the lack of flexibility on the part of the police and hope they will accept a compromise solution in which some of the celebrants are allowed in for part of the time.

The Rikudgalim, founded by Rabbi Yehuda Chazani, is now held in his memory. Rabbi Chazani was a leader of the Gush Emunim settlement movement and a founder of Ofra and Kedumim.

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