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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Re: Did you see this horror? PETITION AGAINST THE POPE's VISIT attached, please make sure to sign and pass on to everybody you know. Thank you, YOU can do something too.


To all,

Here is the link to the LETTER written by Michael Ben Ari and the rabbis, the translation of which you read in the article of Hillel Fendel of A7 ( link to his article:

The link to the article in Hebrew, in Omedia, is here:

At the bottom of the page, in Hebrew, are two blank spaces. The first one, with a red asterisk - meaning it is obligatory - is for your name; the next one is for your e-mail address.

Please sign, and pass it on to all your friends. So far we only have 59 signatures, we need about 5-6000 for it to be effective in GOVERNMENT.

Please, our American friends, do sign as well, it is most important that you do

This is the link to the petition, at the bottom of the article.

Thank you, and G-d bless you.


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