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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The cave-in is TOTAL and COMPLETE. Barry you are so right!

Ayalon: Israel Accepts Two-State Solution

Iyar 9, 5769, 03 May 09 08:48

( Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon says that Israel is committed to a comprehensive peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority which includes the notion of an Arab state and a Jewish state living side by side, according to an interview published Sunday afternoon by Bloomberg. Ayalon told interviewers, "The government of Israel, because of our democratic tradition and because of the continuity principle, is going to abide by all previous commitments the former government took, including the acceptance of the road map to peace which will lead to a two-state solution."

Ayalon accused Iran of trying to derail any progress toward peace by supporting Hamas in Gaza and Hizbullah in Lebanon. He also called for stronger international sanctions against Iran's nuclear development program and said that talks on the Iranian nuclear threat "shouldn't be open-ended." He added. "The time should be measured by months and not years."

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