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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I have an idea what we could burn in the Medurot of Lag Baomer, making a statement without enraging the world and the politically correct media: A COPY OF THE AGREEMENTS ALREADY SIGNED WITH THE VATICAN! That would send a strong message. Below


To all,

Since Lag Baomer is coming just as the pope is arriving, why don't we burn a COPY OF THE FUNDAMENTAL AGREEMENT, as well as a COPY OF THE  LEGAL PERSONALITY AGREEMENT, in the Medurot?

We could call the media, and very publicly burn those papers, thereby stating very clearly that WE DO NOT RECOGNIZE THESE SIGNED AGREEMENTS.

All everything has to do is download a copy of those papers - I am including both the Vatican and Ministry of Foreign Affairs versions -, print them, and then burn them in full view, They are VERY FLAMMABLE and will send a strong message - as long as people know what we are doing.

What do you say?

So here they are:

On the Vatican side:

A. The Fundamental agreement -1993:

B.The Legal Personality agreement- 1997:

On the Israeli side:

Your feedback, please.

If you like the idea, think of ways we could get the media interested.

Enjoy the fire, and a Happy Lag Baomer!


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