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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How the Fed Is Set to Become More Powerful Than the White House

Carl said:
I happened to be watching a business news channel tonight, and one "expert" said that the Fed was "the least political of government institutions."  In the first place, the Fed is NOT a US government institution.  It is independent of the US, in the hands of powerful SMOMs and Black Nobility.  What you have in this power grab of the FED is preparation for the New World Order.  The Fed is now seen as the "rescuer" of the economy and "provider" for instant backup dollars with the flip of a pen for all banks and financial institutions.  All this political rhetoric is a smoke screen to prepare the people to obey whatever dictates they come up with in the future.  Notice that they say the "overhaul" will take between 2 and 6 years, so all we are seeing is a conditioning period for the people to get accustomed to the Feds running the show.  So when they introduce the chips and the digital banking system operating through the chip, the people will fall right in line.  This will be the determinating factor to see if one is willing to submit to the coming world dictator and his World Government.

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