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Thursday, April 10, 2008


And of course, DON"T FORGET TO BLAME THE WOMEN... THE MEN HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. How about mentioning all the sins of the MEN????? Should I begin???? GAYS, BESTIALITY, VISITING PROSTITUTES, IMMORALITY, ADULTERY, ..etc. etc... I don't want to be too graphic.

Other than that, I am OK with Teshuva and prayer, But please, don' t be holier than thou, don't use us as a scapegoat for YOUR shortcomings.


Bill sent this:

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Emergency Message by Rav Shalom Arush

In the meanwhile, here is an original Hebrew fresh-off-the-press recording of Rav Shalom Arush shlit'a, who has asked us to spread this message far and wide. In the coming hours, G-d willing, we'll summarize the Rav's key points in English. Our thanks to Reb Nati and Reb Akiva from Mystical Paths for providing us with the recording.

Emuna News headlines:

* A high ranking IDF general has admitted that Israel has no defense against a biological or chemical attack;

* One of Israel's highest commanders has confessed that Israel has no answer to a joint Syrian-Hizbolla-Iranian missile barage;

* There is no deterrence to a nuclear Iran.

* Just a few hours ago, terrorists from Gaza succeeded in penetrating Israel and killed two civilians.

Rav Shalom Arush's key points:

* Hashem has brought us to a wonderful situation where there is no one to depend on but Him, for there is no political or military solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

* Our only power is prayer and emuna.

* Israel is in grave danger, since Hashem has turned His countenance away.

* There's nothing left to do but to cry out to Hashem and to spread emuna far and wide - no Jew in the world is exempt from the obligation to wake up, yell to the Heavens.

* The Lubavitcher Rebbe had 100% holy spirit - his warnings have materialized to the letter. The Rebbe said that the minute you give one millimeter of Eretz Yisrael to the Arabs, the tables will turn - rather than Hashem performing miracles for us, He will turn His countenance on us until we wake up and make teshuva. That's the situation we are in today.

* Hashem loves the people of Israel - that's why He's put us in a situation where no one can help us but Him.

* The martyrs of Mercaz HaRav were a substitute for a harsh judgment that demanded the lives of maybe 80,000 Jews or more.

* The only Israel Defense Force is the army prayer and spreading emuna.

* Emuna is prayer and prayer is talking to Hashem.

* Hashem doesn't want us to retaliate against the Arabs. He doesn't want us to depend on any military might. He only wants prayer, emuna, and teshuva.

* Any immodest Jewish woman or girl delivers our people into the hands of our enemies.

* Listen to Rav Shalom cry his heart out in Track 10 - this is no joke. He's begging all of us to wake up. He addresses the Jews outside of Israel who think they're safe and says, G-d forbid, if anything happens to Israel, your governments will throw you out with nothing.

* Every day is getting worse. We are at war. Everyone is sleeping. The time of Geula has arrived. There's nothing left to do but to wake up and yell to Hashem. Hashem won't forske us, ever. So please wake up, for Hashem is with us and will hear our voices and redeem us, amen.

G-d willing, additional updates forthcoming

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