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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Re: A man stabs himself several times. slits his own throat, and then throws himself out the window?? Have you ever heard of such a suicide? I wonder how it's done. WHAT IS THE POLICE COVERING-UP ? Are they afraid to talk about terror in HEILIGE TEL-

DS replied:

If it wasn't so tragic, I'd laugh. What a story... and they get away with it.

  I wonder WHO the "suicide"' victim is. Any news?

Herb wrote:
Some years ago a "settler" was shot in the back of the head through the car rear window.
The Israel "copouts" concluded that this was not "nationlistic" but that the man committed
    It was not explained how he ran to the back of the car, fired, jumped in the car and was hit in the back of the head by his own bullet.

Aryeh said:
There are periodic purges of the various security services, especially right before some major event. Anyone suspect is gotten rid of to be on the safe side.

Jack said:

Didn't one of Rabin's bodyguards commit suicide by shooting himself six or seven times in the chest? And if you go through the list of people in close contact with Bill Clinton who committed suicide, you will find numerous such cases. Nothin' to it, Daisy. There seem to be plenty of people who are that determined to do themselves in.


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