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Friday, April 4, 2008

drug pushers in the schools

DS replied:

Good point .This is a scandal that has been going on for way too long.

But don't for a minute think that psychiatrists necessarily will do the right thing. After all, they have been PROGRAMMED to administer these drugs. Addictive drugs administered at a young age, creating a whole generation of long-term robots.

A crime that should be fought by any means possible.

Aryeh wrote:

Psychotropic medicines should only be given by a qualified physician after an extensive examination and when there is truly no other choice. It is not the business of schools to dope up kids so they will sit like nice little zombies and not bother the teachers. Kids, all kids, have behavior problems. That is why they must be taught what is right and what is wrong. That is after all what it means to be a child, to be immature. It means that they do not always know what is the correct thing to do and make mistakes. It means that sometimes they loose control and even do very stupid things. They are CHILDREN.

If their parents and teachers are too lazy, stupid or confused to teach them how to behave, why should the children suffer by being put into a chemical straight jacket or sent into LAH LAH land?

I would require, by law, that prior to forcing a child to take any of these experimental drugs, that all those recommending the use be made to take the junk themselves. If after experiencing the effect they still believe that they are innocuous, then their opinion will have some weight.

Parents' Group: Parents Have the Right to Nix Ritalin

28 Adar Bet 5768, 04 April 08 04:37

( The Parents' Association has asked parents to report any incidents in which teachers or schools threaten to expel students who do not take Ritalin or other drugs meant to assist children with learning difficulties.  Parents have the right to decide not to give their child Ritalin, the association said.

Education Ministry officials signed an order one year ago forbidding school officials from recommending or requiring the use of Ritalin and similar medications.  The medications can have serious side effects and only a medical expert can determine when they should be used, officials said.  The order was initiated by MK Sofa Landver (Yisrael Beiteinu), who has made several efforts to control the use of psychiatric medications among children.

Despite the order, Parents' Association members said, several parents have complained that schools have threatened to stop teaching their children if the children were not given psychiatric drugs.  Parents who encounter such a situation should send a fax to the Parents' Association explaining what happened and giving their contact information, association workers said.

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