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Monday, April 7, 2008

A way to test

DS replied:

Excellent point, excellent idea!.Why don't we test it,THIS WEEK in the restaurants in question, complete with videotapes; see their reaction, bring the tapes to the Knesset and the courts. Who volunteers?.

Aryeh  wrote:

The law prohibiting smoking is also only in public places. One way to test the nature of this ruling would be to see if it is now permitted to smoke in restaurants and grocery stores. What about other activities that are illegal in public places?


( Knesset Members have obtained enough supporters to call for a special legislative session to discuss last week's unprecedented lower court decision allowing the sale of bread products in restaurants and stores. Religious MKs said the court ruling symbolizes an attack on Judaism. The Knesset last week adjourned for its Spring break.

The law prohibits the sale of bread products on Passover in public places, but a Jerusalem magistrate's court judge decided that "public places" does not include restaurants and grocery stores. She based her ruling on a classic Torah commentator's understanding that "public" means places where most people are present. One religious MK said that secular court judges are not trained and educated to apply their own understanding of the Torah.

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