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Wednesday, April 9, 2008





by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Once Israel pleaded with the U.S. to pre-position military equipment in Israel should there be another surprise attack by the Arab nations. The State Department and then Sec. of Defense Caspar Weinberger thought that this was an excellent idea so, naturally they pre-positioned U.S. arms in Saudi Arabia and such Arab Muslim nations who would (temporarily) allow Americans on their soil to defend them. Nothing of consequence was pre-positioned in Israel although Israel did not require American troops and had only asked for equipment.

This Israeli request of America was proven out during the Yom Kippur War. Re-supply was delayed by then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger until the 8th day of the 1973 War. Re-supply aircraft coming from the U.S. were refused landing and refueling rights by the same Jew-hating nations who assisted Hitler's Jewish Solution and who now are being solicited by Barak to pressure Israel into abandoning her defensive borders and water.

Now, the civilian Jewish communities of YESHA (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) are asking the Israeli government and her military to pre-position defensive equipment in their areas in anticipation of an Arab uprising which the Arabs have pledged. They already know that should the Arabs attack, the Israeli military will have a difficult time reaching many of the embattled communities. Rabin, Peres and now Barak, having turned over control of many of the access roads to Palestinian Police 'cum' terrorists (now numbering at least a 41,000 man Para-Military force ) [probably double that now in 2008] who can and will block IDF relief columns. So, it would be far better if some of the equipment were already there, i.e., "Pre-Positioned."

There is also a high probability that Israeli troops may be called up to Israel's borders should Egypt and Syria move troops to a high alert, possibly coordinating their moves with Arafat. This would leave the 200 large and small communities in YESHA entirely unprotected from a concentrated attack by Arafat's Para-Military now armed with automatic weapons, anti-tank, anti-aircraft missiles, bombs, explosives and armored vehicles. Israeli Arab Muslims have smuggled in arms which, in combination with Arafat's Para-Military could delay Israeli troops in an attempted defensive rescue.

But, arming settlers presents a problem for Ehud Barak  [then PM & DM]  whose appeasement policies call for the evacuation of Jewish communities back to the 1967 borders and beyond. He really does not want an armed civilian community capable of resisting either Arab Forces or forced rescue (read: removal) by Israeli troops. The Arab street always knows well in advance what their leaders want them to do so when they start stockpiling food and medicines - watch out!

(Note! Several communities medical equipment and drug stores have been broken into by Arabs who are now stocking up on medical supplies in anticipation of an armed conflict with Israelis.) The Israeli military have sufficient excess stores of vehicles - heavy weapons and ammunition, generators and medical supplies.

Israeli communities should also be prepared to hold off civilian human shields, that is, Arab women and children, with Arab fighters hidden just behind or among them. Sacrificing civilians for T.V. cameras and public relations campaigns is not unusual in the Arab war against the Jews. It is also not unusual for T.V. stations to receive a phone call to be at a certain place to film a "spontaneous" riot. The Arabs know Jews hesitate to fire on civilians even when they know that just behind them, or mixed into the civilian crowd are fully armed and trained fighters. This problem has to be addressed or the 200 Jewish communities face being overrun.

Presently, Arab children are being trained with knives and Kalashnikov rifles at summer camps under the guidance of the Palestinian Authority as published with pictures in the NEW YORK TIMES August 3, 2000. Let us not forget Arafat's RPG kids of Lebanon (RPG: Rocket-Propelled Grenades). These were the 10 to12 year old kids who Arafat trained to use the RPGs against the Israelis and Christians in Lebanon. Arafat's plan recognized that Israeli soldiers were reluctant to fire on children and were killed as a result of their humanitarian hesitation.

The Israeli military have themselves pre-positioned armaments on the Golan because of the difficulty of getting equipment to the front in anticipation of a sneak attack by Syria. The Israeli military know they must be prepared because the Arabs have launched so many attacks and have pledged to accelerate their violent attacks despite their signatures on bits of Oslo paper.

Pre-positioning sufficient material in YESHA meets the same needs. It would also pull together these communities in a common purpose and create efficiencies not usually known among civilians. The Jewish Leftists have conveniently demonized those civilians who live in these communities as a sop to their consciences, hoping the sacrifice of other Jews will save them in their coastal cities.

Strangely, the settlers who are on the front line are the most desirous of peace. True, they volunteer for the army in greater numbers than those who live the fat life in Tel Aviv and Haifa. It is their officers who still say: "Acharai!" (Follow Me!) instead of the Leftist officers who give orders from behind their men. Perhaps this is why, sadly, the casualties among religiously observant soldiers and officers and those from YESHA are higher than the rest when there is war. They know what and why they are defending the Land G-d gave to the Jews.

YESHA needs pre-positioned armaments which the Israeli officers' corps from the Chief of Staff Gen. Shaul Mofaz on down knows very well.  If these communities are, indeed, overrun because of lack of arms then these same officers must be brought to trial as co-conspirators in the deaths and injuries of their fellow Jews. The civilians, especially the women, need defensive training and organization.

The soldiers, having the knowledge through intelligence reports, understand the threat. They also know that they are obeying orders that stink of Left wing betrayal of their fellow Jews to enemies who, in six wars, have demonstrated clearly their intentions to wipe out the Jews - if they can. They know that the surrounding Muslim Arab population has spawned terrorists who have kidnapped and murdered Jews anywhere they could.

Prior experience tells us that when Arafat [now his companion Abu Mazen] gives one of his infamous "Green Lights", his people would turn into a howling mob of blood thirsty savages in a heart beat. Any Jewish community which they could overrun would likely turn into a killing field in case the IDF is delayed in coming to their defenses. The Arabs have and would again kill, mutilate, loot and butcher in a frenzy. When the fighting died down, they would celebrate and fire their rifles into the air with sheer exuberance as they do at their weddings [and pass out candy].

All of this has happened before and they pledge that it will again. Just listen to the radical Muslim clerics' sermons from the muezzins towers, calling the faithful Muslims to prayer and, incidentally, to kill the Jews. (Dear reader: Do you think this is an exaggeration as you are sitting in your western-style home on a civilized tree-lined street where such things just don't happen? You can read these sermons on the Internet if you really want to know the truth.)

Defense and Prime Minister Ehud Barak (former Chief of Staff), current Chief of Staff Gen. Shaul Mofaz and all their staff members know this. Should they choose to abandon the Jewish communities of YESHA, they will have betrayed their own people. If they choose NOT to Pre-Position weapons, sufficient ammunition and other vital equipment for every community of YESHA to defend itself, they will have made the decision to knowingly assist a dedicated, irridentist enemy.

Should they take these decisions NOT to Pre-Position and there is a concentrated assault, they will deserve nothing less than the judgements made about the Nazi officials at the Nuremberg Tribunals. These should be written and delivered to each commanding officer so, when it comes to obeying commands, driven by Leftist politics, they will have a personal choice to make. They will not be able to say: "We had to obey orders."

P.S. With respect to Egypt and Syria entering the fray - You are aware that Egypt, having absorbed $25 Billion [now in 2008 probably $60+ Billion] American tax-payers' dollars, has spent all of it on re-arming with state-of-the-art American equipment. Egypt is now considered by Israel's military as a great threat. That was made clear recently during joint military exercises with the U.S. called Operation Bright Star, when a leading Egyptian General stated that "We must prepare for the inevitable war with Israel." American Sec. of Defense William Cohen did not comment although he was there. But, then again Israel has signed document of peace, with President Jimmy Carter's signature - so why worry about Egyptian threats?!

The solution is to eject this compromised leader, Ehud Barak [and Ehud Olmert], out of office and into a void reserved for the incompetent - unethical - naive and totally dishonest.


IS THIS "DEJA VU"? Just add the current PM Ehud Olmert to the above. Barak is Defense Minister - again.

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