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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Catholic Wind in the White House

Thank you, Carl. This must be one of the most interesting articles I have received in a long time. I'd say it is not surprising at all. After all, his grandfather Prescott Bush supported the Nazis, who were the direct expression of Catholic theology and teachings. I'd say, he is probably a closet JESUIT, just as Condoleeza Rice is also a closet Jesuit - see some of the oldest articles on my blog, ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES:                  
Together with ex- closet Catholic Tony Blair, they shape the world's policies for papal world domination.
Whoever said that Washington policies are made in New York by Cardinal Egan was absolutely right! - And of course, don't forget papal nuncio Pietro Sambi's popularity in Washington; he is the ex-nuncio in Jerusalem who proved, after the fact, that he is quite hostile to Jewish interests.
So everything makes a lot of sense in America. The first ACTUAL Catholic president in the USA, George Bush, aligning himself closely with CHIEF INQUISITOR --CUM POPE Benedict XVI, (" SEEING GOD IN HIS EYES"), and preparing America for a Jesuit style take-over of the population- as evidenced by the Texas Mormons' compound invasion this past week (by the way, I am really afraid for these poor women and children : what will be their fate??)
If you have any doubt as to what such a take-over will look like, just go back to Germany in the 30's, and there you have it. Same philosophy, same teachings, same players... that will lead to EXACTLY THE SAME SOCIO-POLITICAL LANDSCAPE.
Mercy on all of us, NON -CATHOLICS!!!


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