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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Re:Well, I say: if they are so concerned about polygamy and "'abused'' children, maybe the time has come for the USA to be even-handed and RAID SAUDI ARABIA, taking their FRIENDLY SHEIKHS' CHILDREN into custody too!

Aryeh wrote:

It is hypocritical absurdity for a nation that encourages and subsidizes the murder of unborn babies and is brainwashing children into accepting homosexuality as normal to go after a polygamist sect because they are worried about child abuse. Arab polygamists are welcomed as honored guests into the homes and offices of the highest officials and most important business people in Texas. Nobody asks them how old their wives are or how they acquired them. Nobody asks them how many slaves they own or what happens to a concubine when her owner is tired of her. 

None of this has anything to do with either polygamy or children. This is all part of the process of getting the American public used to the idea of a military style of police and the existence of internal enemies. The Mormons have always been hated by the American Christians and are an easy target to practice on. The public reaction to this is no doubt being closely monitored to see if there is enough indifference to go after more difficult groups, like us.

Images show police well armed for raid on polygamist retreat - Yahoo! News

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