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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Re: How the Fed Is Set to Become More Powerful Than the White House

bill commented: ( very good comment, bill!)

This is a replay of the Tower of Babel in the Torah.
The real story there was that Nimrod, the powerful ruler of the world, moved to consolidate his dictatorship by building a huge tower that would serve as the flagship of his dominion.
HaShem disrupted the whole process by confusing everyone and blocking communication.
Expect the same thing to happen now.
SHmuel said:

It appears to be an ideal relationship  between a FED bent on assuming control and a population either volunteering or being brain washed into acting in a fashion leading to facilitate the FED's plans.
A good subject for analysis.
The Euro Bank is about the same. The German Fed controls from Frankfurt I believe.
They do have a more established pecking structure in Europe dating from way before the US Revolution so they are less obvious, that is all.
DS comments to Jack's reply:

I think a question we should ask is, how come the Fed is playing this game with the US, so that now the US is deep in debt up to its neck, while OTHER countries don't have that problem?

If the Jesuits really control most countries, how can some countries get away with a good balance sheet, no debt, while others drown?  What is the difference ( Mah Nishtana) between the US who is suffering this FED scourge, and other countries where the Fed banks do operate, and yet they leave them alone?

Can we really only blame the Fed for the debt, or is it not also an American trait and philosophy to consume, consume, till you drop???


Jack replied:

I have no doubt. He was going to cut the Fed out of the biggest scam in history. It's like having a debt to the company that has to be paid in company scrip and the only way to get company scrip is to borrow it from the company subject to interest. How can you ever pay off the debt when you have to borrow the currency to pay it from the creditor and pay interest? They hold the US gov in peonage and with it the whole of the USA. Kennedy was going to end that.



Carl said:

This was one of the reasons Kennedy was assassinated.  He went above the Fed.

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