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Wednesday, April 9, 2008





forwarded by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst

For those who are not "au courant" with ancient Babylonian history, and have not reviewed the Book of the Prophets "Daniel" recently, Belshazzar was an ancient king, grandson of Nebuchadnezzar (who had destroyed the First Temple). The kings of that era knew there was a prophecy predicting the rebuilding of the Second Temple - and did NOT want that to happen. As chronicled in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 5, King Belshazzar figured that the period of time that the Temple could have been built was up - and that they no longer had to worry. He made a party to celebrate his (mis)calculation. During the party a hand appeared and wrote an array of letters, which the Prophet Daniel was called upon to interpret. It came out:

        MENE MENE - G-d has counted the years of your kingship and terminated it.

        TEKEL - You have been weighed in the scales and found wanting.

        PERES - Your kingdom has been broken up and given over to Medea and Persia.

That night Belshazzar was killed and his kingdom was given over to Persia and Medea.

G-d wants there to be a Third Temple in Jerusalem. This requires Jewish sovereignty and security - so the Jewish people can work on returning to serving G-d properly - after suffering for millennia in exile.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the State Department, as representatives of America, want to split Jerusalem and give more than half to the Palestinians (Philistines?). Does America want to be seen in the eyes of Heaven as "going against G-d"?

What are the consequences of that?

What will happen, and seems to be already happening, to America?

G-d gave America great power - for a reason. Not just to spread "Coca-Cola" throughout the world. If America uses that power to go against G-d, we would not expect that power to last every long....Economic collapse...Military Reversals...Catastrophes of "Nature"...

Recently the U.S. State Department has been pushing Israel very hard to stop building homes for her citizens - even in areas that are promised to remain under Israeli control under any agreement. The State Department officials have been pushing Israel to evacuate nascent and built-up settlements. "Miraculously", America has also been hit with a housing disaster. How many Americans have lost and will lose their homes in the "sub-prime" crisis?

Amazingly Hurricanes Katrina also caused tens of thousands to lose their homes - at the same time as Israel was being forced to destroy Jewish homes in 21 Jewish communities of Gush Katif/Gaza.  Is there a message here?

Going against G-d is obviously never a smart move. Maybe we Americans should tell the American State Department to stop persecuting Israel. It's certainly worth a try - before things get any worse.

For those who want to read it - The Writing Is On The Wall!


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