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Thursday, April 3, 2008

... which goes to show you that sometimes, a good Goy is better than a bad Jew... still, this Hagee is very suspect, coming to Ariel, a hotbed of missionaries, soon after that attack... and all these gifts; I don't like it.

Reform Leader 'Can't Cooperate with Christian Zionists'

27 Adar Bet 5768, 03 April 08 09:40

( American Reform leader Eric Yoffie told the annual conference of the movement's leaders Wednesday night that he "cannot cooperate with the Christian Zionists." What they mean by support of Israel and what we mean by support of Israel are two very different things," Yoffie said in his speech in Cincinnati, Ohio.

He charged that aligning with evangelist Pastor John Hagee and other self-acclaimed Christian Zionists is harmful because the movement has a political agenda and does not express "unconditional support for the Jewish state." Among other platform planks, pro-Israel evangelists reject the two-party solution, which would divide Israel and create a new Arab state within its current borders.
However, Hagee previously has stated he would continue to support Israel if the government surrenders part of the country to Arabs. Yoffie is adamantly against development of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

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