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Monday, April 7, 2008

Good! People finally taking things into their own hands, fighting back. Enough with being patsies: they finally understand whom they are dealing with. I hope it spreads. There are LOTS of groups who should sue the gol.

New Sderot Law Center Urges Suing Government

2 Nissan 5768, 07 April 08 07:32

( A new Sderot Legal Aid Society has been created to help Sderot residents prepare documents and testimony to sue the government for lack of protection. The Sderot Information Center announced that the new group will engage a major law firm that will represent Sderot families.

It explained the action is necessary because the government has argued in the courts against providing protection to Sderot schools beyond the second grade and has delayed funds to repair local rocket shelters. The Center also accused the government of campaigning against adequate compensation for Sderot businesses and for not budgeting money to treat victims of nearly 7,000 rocket attacks on the city in the past seven and a half years.

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