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Wednesday, April 9, 2008





by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst

I, among others, have written frequently about the Leftists' plans to strip Israeli citizens of their defensive weapons, leaving the citizenry open to assault by Muslim Palestinian Terrorists. This was done repeatedly under Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, to settlers, individually and their communities (settlements, kibbutzim, towns, etc.) where the Government ordered the Army to use the "excuse" of "inspecting the weapons" and then never returning them.

In 2000 we wrote "PRE-POSITIONING OF WEAPONS IN YESHA" documenting in full the situation in Israel at that time. It is somewhat worse now. But, one point should be made again today:

"...should the Arabs attack, the Israeli military will have a difficult time reaching many of the embattled communities. Rabin, Peres and now Barak, having turned over control of many of the access roads to Palestinian Police 'cum' terrorists (now numbering at least a 41,000 man Para-Military force) who can and will block IDF relief columns. So, it would be far better if some of the equipment were already there, i.e., "Pre-Positioned."

There is also a high probability that Israeli troops may be called up to Israel's borders should Egypt and Syria move troops to a high alert, possibly coordinating their moves with Arafat. This would leave the 200 large and small communities in YESHA entirely unprotected from a concentrated attack by Arafat's Para-Military now armed with automatic weapons, anti-tank, anti-aircraft missiles, bombs, explosives and armored vehicles. Israeli Arabs have smuggled in arms which, in combination with Arafat's Para-Military could delay Israeli troops in a rescue attempt."

Clearly, this self-destructive tactic of removing defensive weapons from civilians is currently being implemented by the Olmert, Barak, Livni Government. Civilians (including Army officers on reserve) are being stripped of their protection at a time of increasing risk due to Olmert Government egregious efforts to undermine the safety, security and sovereignty of the State and her loyal citizens.

Removing roadblocks, checkpoints, citizens' licensed weapons, negotiating surrender of Israeli homes, farms, Land - all create a "perception of military and national weakness" in the minds eye of the watching Muslim Arab countries and Terrorist organizations. These suicidal actions are inviting attack by Terrorists and massive Arab Muslim armies, well-armed with Billions of American tax-payers' dollars in high tech weapons' systems.

Also, this collection of citizens' arms is in effect at the same time as the Olmert Government orders the collections of citizens' gas-masks while there are increasing threats of Chemical and Biological missiles being launched from Syria or, by proxy, by Hezb'Allah who is supplied by Iran through Syria.

Stripping Israeli citizens and IDF officers of their only methods of defense proves that the Olmert Government is actually working with Israel's self-proclaimed enemies to insure their success in taking over Israeli territory and weakening the peoples' ability to defend themselves and their families.

Treason is a crime against humanity that brings the penalty of death by hanging or firing squad.

Remember how the Nazis tried to keep defensive weapons out of the hands of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto (and elsewhere during the Nazi German occupation of many countries in Europe) prior to emptying the Warsaw Ghetto and shipping the stalwart Jews to the death camps?

This time Olmert, Bush and Rice are conspiring secretly with Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), President of the "Palestinian" Authority (and purportedly with Bashar Assad, President of Syria) to drive the Jews out of Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan Heights and all those areas of Jerusalem (East, North and South) that were occupied by Jordan for 19 years from 1948 to 1967.

King David would have ordered summary executions for traitors who tried to do this. But, Israel is supposed to be a democracy. By secretly negotiating abandonment of 500,000+ Jewish men, women and children from the Land of Israel, after brave soldiers and civilians died to liberate them and then build their lives by building their communities, a Peoples' Court might rule that the current Olmert, Barak, Livni, Peres government is ordering the Staticide, self-destructive national suicide of the Jewish State of Israel.

Is this how to celebrate our 60th anniversary? Or is this the day Rice, Bush and Olmert complete their betrayal of the Jewish nation by insuring her citizen's can NOT defend themselves?

The authors of the American Constitution anticipated the potential for the betrayal of the people and so inserted the Second Amendment to the Constitution's Bill of Rights the right of the people to keep and bear arms which was ratified in 1791. That Right was pre-existing in both common law and in the early American state constitutions .



" by Emanuel A. Winston August 8,  2000   to follow shortly



April 8, 2008

In recent weeks the IDF has been collecting hundreds of military-issued weapons in the Binyamin region in the West Bank, including weapons that were in the possession of IDF officers.

According to reports Tuesday, the only people who were given leave to keep their weapons were rapid response teams and those charged with maintaining security in the settlements.

"This is a severe blow to the security of those driving on roads in the territories, especially following the removal of roadblocks and the delivery of weapons to the Palestinian Authority,"

a reserve officer who lives in the West Bank told Israel Radio.

In a recent meeting with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad, Defense Minister Ehud Barak discussed a list of goodwill gestures he planned to approve for the Palestinians, including the deployment of 600 PA security personnel currently being trained in Jordan to Jenin.

Members of the Palestinian police have been implicated in recent shooting attacks in the West Bank which killed Ido Zoldan, Ahikam Amihai and David Rubin.

"The weapons were collected for maintenance reasons and are intended to stay in the IDF's hands except for in emergency cases,"

the army said in response. "There are still weapons in the hands of rapid response teams and those who are licensed to carry arms."

"If need be, weapons will be distributed to graduates of combat units,"


Yaakov Katz contributed to this report

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