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Friday, April 11, 2008

E. Winston sent this. "" DEFEND YOURSELVES!"" Read my answer to him , and to all other able -bodied Jewish men in the Galut.




by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst

It's long past time for the Israeli army and all the Israeli people to get back to the business of defending themselves. Delete the scum called "the Olmert Government" that floated to the surface. Because they are not part of the people and they have proven many times that they will not protect you. Those (except for some) came to the Government - not as patriots but - because they were greedy for power, privilege and money....always the money.

The enemy has grown in strength and their people are entirely behind them. If ever they were only civilians, that has long since passed. Unlike the Israeli Leftists, the Muslim Arab Palestinian people are fully behind their Muslim Arab Terrorists who bomb, shoot Rockets, Missiles and kill Jews. To this they are fully pledged - whether as a people or as a Muslim "Jihadist". They have further pledged to train their very youngest children to hate and kill Jews, with many so trained have now reached maturity and taken their place alongside their trainers.

The Israeli government is not only useless in these perilous times, they cravenly become an ally and enablers to our most fearsome enemies. As I said before, they are useless to the point of being traitors. But, there is no time to effectively dump Olmert out of office where he has total control.

The fight is (or should be) with Arab and/or Muslims, be they Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Egyptians, Lebanese, Libyans, or even Saudis (like the 15 suicide bombers who killed 3000 from many countries in America on 9/11). We observe, with consternation, Olmert issuing orders to attack Jews who wish to defend their own G-d given Land, their homes and their lives.

There is little or no doubt that there will be a saturation missile attack coming from Hamas, Hezb'Allah, Syria and Iran. The so-called Israeli Arab Muslims inside of Israel will do as much inner damage as they can long known by Israeli Intelligence.

This is a war that Israel did NOT start nor will it end - until a great number of Muslim Arabs are defeated and dead. The Arab Muslims in a full scale war with Israel will offer no quarter, no pity and will kill any soldier or civilian in the most gruesome way possible.

When the Americans fire-bombed Dresden, they viewed all the people in the Axis as the enemy.

When Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed, killing all under the world's first nuclear bombs, it was because everyone in Japan was a pledged enemy who would kill Americans when they could - even if they had to commit suicide ("Hari Kari") to do so. Millions more would have died if the A bombs had not been used - both American soldiers and Japanese.

Attackers chose the rules of life or death, forcing their victims to fight for their lives.

Israel faces implacable, irredentist enemies who delight in killing Jews, be they infants, women, children, husbands or brothers. The slaughter of innocents was and is still their favorite rule of war. Therefore, it is time the Jews fight back - without those so-called civilized rules of warfare. The E.U., the U.N., the Bush-Rice Administration requires only Jews to follow "rules". Islamists have made civilian collateral damage the rule when they fight - not the exception. The rule for the Jews must be to win at any cost to the enemy. The Israeli Government of failure should be put under house arrest - lest they interfere with the defense of the nation - as they have for their entire term of office.

We are told that Mahmoud Abbas, head of the Palestinian Authority, Fatah and Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade plus other Terror organizations are all in lock-step with Hamas, will call upon all Palestinians to march 'en masse' to Israel's borders and cross over unless stopped and they should be stopped with necessary force - even if it "seems" excessive.

These are the militia of the Terrorists. They should not be called "militants" because they are Terrorists. If they are called Terrorists, maybe they can be eliminated for the benefit of all. They are the enemy and should be treated as the enemy. Whether it's rifle fire, air fuel bombs, artillery - all methods should be used to rout the enemy. Give them the same pity they would give you and your family.

If you think fighting the enemies of the Jewish people should be "restrained" as demanded by the nations, some will recall the past, unrestrained savagery of the marauding Muslim Arabs. Some will recall how in 1948, hordes of Arab Muslims who overran communities and slaughtered everyone they could catch. They tortured and, to complete their rage, they mutilated the dead Jews. It's not only retribution for the past but, it's what they still do and what they plan to do in the future.

War is not civilized. It is brutal. It is pitiless. It is cruel. Winners survive. Losers die or become slaves. The leaders of Israel are losers because they wish to be losers.

What do you want for your people in Israel? What do you want for the Jews of the world? Who are to be the "winners" and who will be the "losers" in this merciless war between two religions, two civilizations?

Some will recall how the nations were positively impressed when Israel fought and won the 1967 Six Day War. Then the Jewish leadership started its downward spiral as they apologized for winning. The nations soon turned back to their age-old attitudes of despising Jews for their weakness.

The Leftist leadership thought that by debasing themselves and the Jewishness of themselves, by abandoning the Land, they would bring honor and cheers from the world. Instead, the crawling and sniveling encouraged the enemy to greater demands and acts of Terror. As for the nations of the world - and especially the Arab Muslim world, they merely asked for more.

The more Israeli leaders cringed and begged, the more assured the Muslim Arabs were in their belief that Israel was soon to collapse. These Jewish leaders of the Left thought that de-Judaizing the nation would bring friendship from the Muslim and European countries.

Instead, this appeasement attitude brought more war and Terror.

But, that did not stop the Leftist Jewish leadership from giving up more and more often in obedience to American State Department demands that the Arab and Muslim countries were to be appeased. Israel has now sunk to her lowest level - as both civilians and soldiers alike have nothing but contempt for the whining Olmert and his despised followers.

When Jews once again exhibit pride in themselves, their Jewishness and the Jewishness of their nation, only then will the Muslims and the Europeans back off.

As for the anti-Semitic cabal, presently led by Bush, Rice, Baker, Scowcroft, Carter, Brzezinski - the Arabist State Department, they are merely an embarrassment to all Americans.


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