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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is this a "TASTE" of things to come? After hearing about Catholic/ Jesuit influence in Washington, now we see DENIAL OF RELIGIOUS RIGHTS OF INCARCERATED JEWS. 3 hot meals in 8 days? Kosher Jews will be asked to starve for a week. Reminds you of other

U.S. Court Bans Chicken and Fish Snacks for Passover

12 Nissan 5768, 17 April 08 06:11

( A federal judge in Connecticut ruled that Jewish inmates can get by on Passover with matzo and other snacks and without fish or chicken for the Passover holiday. The court's judge, Janet C. Hall, said that the inmates' constitutional rights do not cover the banned items because they might be used for "illicit bartering" with other prisoners.
Judge Janet Hall ruled in favor of the prison, which allows its 16 Jewish inmates to spend up to $290 on kosher for Passover snacks, including matzo, grape juice, macaroons and two types of chocolate. They will be served three hot kosher meals for the entire holiday which lasts for eight days outside Israel, where Passover is observed for seven days.

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