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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

E.Winston: Thanks but no thanks: Thanks for the article, but we DON"T NEED NO AMERICAN STORAGE SPACE HERE. Enough American stuff already: USA, stay home! You only come her to cause suffering and anguish to Jews.CONDI TIPS HER HAND



by Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Commentator & Analyst

Fortunately, Secretary of State Rice and her Department of State team have gone a bit too far and exposed their hand.

"Coincidentally", just after Rice's team left, it was revealed that America will hold back military re-supply to Israel "until Israel needs it". This would ostensibly save Israel "billions of dollars" in storage costs for "equipment and weapons it may never use".

Holding back military re-supply is an old State Department tactic, used best by Henry Kissinger in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, in order to insure that Israel would be "more flexible" when she was forced into post-war negotiations. I remember hearing that Kissinger said: "Let Israel bleed a little. She'll give up more in negotiations if she bleeds a little." Kissinger's deliberate delay of re-supplying Israel until the eighth day of the war led to many needless deaths and endangered Israel severely.

So, on top of the State Department making Israel remove roadblocks in order to give Terrorists greater freedom of movement - with more Israelis dead, they also want Israel to incur greater casualties in any upcoming war. Like Kissinger, the State Department and C. Rice want "Israel to bleed a little" - or a lot!

We can't help but notice how this comes together nicely, with the $60plus Billion dollars of American arms that have been supplied to Egypt the past years since the Camp David Accords. Don't forget the hundreds of thousands of American tax-payers' dollars that have gone to the Fatah under Mahmoud Abbas for weapons - only to be captured by Hamas as soon as they took over Gaza. Remember that Bush connived with Sharon and Olmert to surrender and evict 10,000 men, women and children from Gush Katif in Gaza that gave Hamas the Terrorist Base they needed. Those 21 Jewish communities in Gush Katif were being attacked, mercilessly - as is Sderot now - but, they were protecting the rest of Southern Israel.

The billions to Egypt and millions to the Palestinian Authority continued apace and grew exponentially during the 8 years of the Bush, Rice years. Remember Rice was first National Security Advisor and now is Secretary of State. Egypt will have top quality tanks, planes and missiles ready to attack Israel. Why Israel? Israel is Egypt's only enemy. Why else would Egypt be preparing for war? Egypt has become the military colossus of the Middle East and is now negotiating with Vladimir Putin of Russia to build a nuclear power plant as Russia did for Iran. One to start with - more to follow.

Egypt has made no secret of its aim to achieve military parity with the Jewish State and to have a regional military projection capability. Cairo has acquired new and more powerful weapons systems, including surface-to-surface missiles from China and North Korea, WMD capability, fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, naval vessels and, of course, tanks. With no country threatening its borders, only Israel appears to be the likely target of the Egyptian build-up. Some may recall during a prior US administration, while Secretary of Defense William Cohen was observing Operation "Bright Star" (Joint Military Games between U.S. and Egyptian troops), a high ranking Egyptian General said: "We are preparing for war with Israel." (1)

Of course, resupply takes time - even under the best of circumstances. Egypt will have top quality tanks, planes and missiles ready to attack - while Israel is waiting for American re-supply. With 40,000 enemy missiles now in Hezb'Allah inventory, poised to hit Israel - flights will be delayed. Runways may be hit. America may not want to sent her cargo jets into enemy fire. The State Department may relish the idea of letting Israel "sweat it out".

The State Department and Ms. Rice have shown themselves to be hostile entities when it comes to Israel. It is beneficial for Israel and her friends around the world to know this. Congress may find it necessary to launch an investigation into the State Department's inner strategy towards Israel.

However, there is another benefit that can come from this. As we proposed in the past, America should build giant pre-positioning warehouses in Israel. These will be under American ownership until they are released for either Israel's use or American re-supply to one of the American theaters of war in time of emergency.

Having a re-supply depot in the Middle East that is secured by the Israelis can be very useful in the volatile Middle East.


1. "The Tank A Jewish Mother Would Love" by Emanuel A. Winston in U.S. Defense News, Arutz 7, Gamla....December 2003.

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