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Monday, April 7, 2008

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO! Re:Very interesting... PA major terrorist admits that the USA is running the PA... the same way the USA is running Israel....

And like clockwork, ( you see, G'd is helping us in our understanding), I just received this MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO, that shows you how the USA are slipping into fascism. No wonder the PA policemen are doing their Nazi salute OPENLY; just read what's going on in AMERICA TOO!

And also, hear this lecturer out ( a Jew , by the way, of course); she tells you what CAN BE DONE ABOUT DICTATORS, whether they be in the USA, or in ISRAEL.

Learn from her.



People mistakenly think that
Nazi Germany started with a bang.


It didn't happen that way.

It was a slow, steady boil

And sadly, there is no country that
more resembles early 1930s Germany
than 2008 America.

- Brasscheck

P.S. You will never seen this kind of
material on US television.

Is it censored?

You better believe it is.

But now with the Internet, censorship
can't be enforced.

But we you don't share it, then it might
as well be censored.

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