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Sunday, May 3, 2009

When I was at the Ministry, I saw an Arab bringing what appeared to be two giant maps of Israel made of olive wood into the building, I was wondering what this was all about: Now I understand:"Palestine from sea to sea"- a gift to the pope.

Thursday 30 April 2009
A necklace with a key that symbolises both the mission of the Pope, "Keeper of the Keys," entrusted by Christ to St Peter and his successors, and "the key of return" of Palestinian refugees, as well as a map of Palestine carved into a stone from the Sea of Galilee. These are the gifts that the inhabitants of AIDA, Bethlehem (approximately 5000 people including 14 Christian families), will present to Benedict XVI on the occasion of his visit to their camp, on May 13, as part of his voyage to the Holy Land. As published on the Patriarchate website, a special committee has been set up to prepare the Pope's visit, that will last one hour. Among its members, Mr. Ziyad Al Bandak, the president of Local Government, and Father Majdi Syriani, a Patriarchate priest. The children of the camp will welcome the Pope on both sides of the streets. Wall posters, welcoming banners and both Palestinian and Vatican flags will also line the route to welcome the Holy Father. The celebration will start next to the Separating Wall. President Mahmoud Abbas will start the celebration with a speech followed by a speech by Benedict XVI. Some of the camp's citizens will speak after that and at the end there will be two artistic presentations. "The Pope's visit will be like a light shining in the darkness," said Fr Syriani. His "visit will help bring the suffering of the refugees to the hearts and minds of the world and create a will to end it through achieving justice in Palestine."

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