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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Very important; re: the German concordat, and how GERMANY IS BOUND TO IT TODAY, and CAN'T get out of it, sort of like an Agunah bound in chains. Read carefully, you will understand the meaning of an agreement with Rome: it is pure blackmail!

Received this from Eric Phelps, author of "the Vatican's Assassins, I, II and III:

MY remarks in brackets[  ], and in black, DS


A note from a German contact on the German Concordat:

Interesting development.

The concordat is something that up until now I took for given, but never looked into.


Now I see that there has been a long run in establishing it.


Pacelli [that is Pius XII, DS] as nuncio had concordats in place on a state level in Bavaria (1924), Prussia (1929) and Baden (1932). But on an empire level he had problems, because of an unstable Weimar republic. The Holy See as well as members of the Center party were pushing for it.[ Just like what is happening today in Israel: the Holy See is pushing for it, and Peres, Beilin are also pushing for it]

Ludwig Kaas, leader of the Center[ Catholic] Party,[ our Shimon Peres of the Kadima Party] was offered a fast deal on the concordat, by von Papens assurance if the Center was to agree to the enabling act of Hitler![  equivalent to today's Arabs and "Palestinians"', meaning: you agree to a PA state and internationalization of Jerusalem, the Vatican will sign a concordat with Israel as a reward]

sidenote: Ludwig Kaas went to the same Jesuit founded school Klaus Barbie was on[ PS:There are also rumors that Shimon Peres went to a Jesuit school as a child, but only rumors, nothing substantiated, that I know of]



To this day the concordat is still in place.

Interesting is article 18 I came across:

"Staatsleistungen an die Kirche können nur „im freundschaftlichen Einvernehmen" abgeschafft werden. (Artikel 18)"

Tranlation: state benefits to the church can only be disposed of in friendly agreement

This is saying: You have to pay the church until they are OK with stopping it…


New concordats explicitly based on the concordat from 1933 are still being put in power today, the latest in 2005.


The 2005/6 concordat was signed by nuncio / archbishop Dr. Erwin Josef Ender.


Ender is named in an Episcopal Lineage / Apostolic Succession with Pope Karol Józef Wojtyla and Mieczyslaw Halka Cardinal Ledóchowski


A full list of German nuncios



Now I found this about Ledochowski I didn't know about:

He was Prefect of the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith.

And he was council father of the First Vatican Council.


Another piece of interest on Ledochowski I found. (I think Doug looked into this at one point - but this might be additional)

I searched for Ledochowski on google and came to their family homepage again (

Now why would I find the same URL and both pointing to the family crest?

Looking into the name Orlandis I found it to be married into the Habsburg line.


The engagement was announced 16 December, 2005, between James R. Woodley, son of Maj. and Mrs Paul Woodley, of Mayfield, Sussex, &  Margarita Countess Ledochowska, daughter of Dr Wladimir Halka von Ledochow Count Ledochowski, of Richmond, Surrey, and Doña Maria del Carmen Orlandis-Habsburgo y Bragagnolo, of Toronto, Canada.
Source: The Times 16 December, 2005


Now these Ledochowskis are listed as Descendants of Carlos V de Borbón, Conde de Molina,  and Carlists pretenders to the throne of Spain and in the"Order of Succession" to the British Throne María del Carmen de Orlandis-Habsburgo 1952- &1971 Wladimir, Graf Ledochowski 1946- Wladimir, Graf Ledochowski 1972- &2003 Sophie, Altgräfin zu Salm-Reifferscheidt-Raitz 1975- Igor-Alexander, Graf Ledochowski 1974- Margarita Ledochowski, Gräfin Ledochowska 1976- & James Woodley


This is just scratching the surface on the topic. But it gives a general idea.

So after what Wladimir did around WWII his descendants have been accepted into royal ranks…




Another German reader of Eric said:

My beloved "Deutschland" needs to break the Temporal power of the Pope before its too late. We need a saved Bible beliving Germany again to resist the Papacy. My Saxon/Teutonisch people are blessed with the greatest fighting spirit in resisting evil that's why I will preach to the day I die that "Wir gegen der Papst Neues Welt Ordnung, und Wir mochten ein Deutschland fur die Deutsch, und nicht fur den Papst!"

Lord Bless,

 Nick ( not our nik the Talmid Chacham!)

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