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Friday, May 8, 2009


Jack made a few comments, as well as added clear explanations for people who might not know the Hebrew terminology.

Thank you

Quoting from below:


11:34 PM Dov: Something will happen to America as a shot across its bow when Obama throws Bibi under the bus.

11:35 PM As of now there is no way of knowing what that is. could be an earthquake in California or another tornado in Brooklyn

  hard to know what


Last week, in just about 4 days, there were more than 30 (That's thirty!) tornados in America, severe flooding across the South, from Oklahoma to Georgia and a meteorological phenomenon called a Derecho, which I had never heard of. Derecho is a Spanish word meaning "straight" or "direct." (It also means "right" as opposed to left but that's an irrelevant meaning to this.) It consists of very high winds, c. 130 mph (c. 200 Km/h) coming straight down. The whole storm moves in a straight line, unlike tornados or hurricanes, at speeds of c. 50-70 mph (c. 100 km/h) and is quite devastating. All this within a few days, while brush fires are raging in California. How is that for a candidate?


You and Dove should also know that the Brits, toward the end of the mandate, solemnly proclaimed Jerusalem to be the Capital of World Christianity. Yes, they did. That lasted just a year. Ask Dov what he makes of that.


Good posting, Daisy. Tnx.




A few explanations are interspersed for those recipients who might need them, in teal.






11:15 PM 

Dov: Do not worry. Something will happen to America once Obama tightens the screws

11:16 PM 

me: Thank you Dov, good to hear from you. You think so? What about Cheremizing the reshaim [separating evil-doers from the community, the people]?



What do you think of all this?

11:17 PM 


Dov: This is now a post Gog W./[equating George W. Bush with Gog and Magog] Armilus world

11:18 PM 

something is bound to happen when Obama tightens the screws on Bibi.


me: But you do see, don't you, how all of this is coming out of Rome

11:19 PM 

And a signed agreement with them is a death sentence

11:20 PM 

also now the antisemitism in the world will increase significantly, because they did not get what they really want,( although they got the moon); and that is their weapon

11:21 PM 

Dov: Tzion is the Kodesh HaKodshim [Zion is the Holy of Holies]. A signed agreement with Rome will mean that something is bound to happen either in association with Bibi's visit to America or the Pope's visit here

11:23 PM 

It is not a good time to be in America.

11:24 PM 

me: Well, they already have some signed agreement, the fear is that they should write it in our books, with Peres's help; you see how he managed to get Netanyahu to sign away Arnona [municipal property tax] and tax relief, who knows what kind of tax relief besides Arnona. And how could he have given them that without SIGNING something, According to the gov people, it WAS signed. Obviously the comprehensive accord was not signed, but SOMETHING was signed, I am trying to figure out exactly what,and what the meaning and importance of it will be for us and the future.


11:25 PM 

Dov: That Rosh Chodesh Siwan date is looking more and more foreboding

11:26 PM 

no prophesies, just a sense that something big is about to happen

11:27 PM 

me: Please explain why and what

11:28 PM 

Dov: The ultimatum of a two state soln. or else will hit Bibi like a locomotive. I believe that G-d has similar plans as a measured response

11:30 PM 

The Medrash Sefer Eliyahu says [A collection of teachings of the sages on the Torah] that Mashiach [the Messiah] will come during the reign of Trmylo (Olmert). This is a reference to Mashiach ben Yosef [a great leader who will be the precursor to Mashiah ben David. MBY will be a military leader or something akin to a military leader and according to the tradition, will die in the course of his struggles.]


me: ANd what is the or else? and why Rosh Chodesh Siwan?


11:31 PM 

Dov: Nava of Dreaming of Mashiach fame has been speaking of the last time that Jews in America can get on board is Rosh Chodesh Siwan

11:32 PM 

me: Ohmy God


Dov: according to a mekubal nistar [hidden Kabbalistic mystic]


me: What do you mean, get on board: enter Israel, or leave America?

11:33 PM 

Dov: I am just pointing out that the date of Bibi's visit and Rosh Chodesh Siwan are highly coincidently together


me: So what do you think that means?


I am getting so worried now

11:34 PM 

Dov: Something will happen to America as a shot across its bow when Obama throws Bibi under the bus.

11:35 PM 

As of now there is no way of knowing what that is. could be an earthquake in California or another tornado in Brooklyn

  hard to know what

11:36 PM 

me: Who is the mekubal nistar, how do we know that person is a real prophet?


Dov: just something will have to give in order to protect MB Yosef.

11:37 PM 

as for the identity of the mekubal nistar, you have to write Nava


me: But do we know who Mashiach ben Yosef is, and how do we know that he is not in America himself?

11:40 PM 

Dov: His identity will shock you. IF Bibi resists the pressure, we shall see. I believe that Obama wants a deal on Yerushalayim by the end of the year. Bibi will resist that

11:41 PM 

me: You mean to say YOU know who Mashiach ben Yosef is?

11:42 PM 

Dov: I have always had an idea who he could be for the last 15 years. He is definitely in the right place at this time.


me: But you can't say who you think he is....

11:43 PM 

Dov: if my hunch is correct


me: yes...

11:44 PM 

I was told Mashiach ben Yosef might be in America, alternatively that he was Rav kahane, ....


Dov: I will write a blog about it, my first one in months, if things proceed in America over the next few weeks with Netanyahu's visit as I believe that they will proceed

11:45 PM 

me: I sure hope so, I thought you had retired for personal reasons, I checked a few times, there was nothing, so I gave up


Dov: Kahane was the MBYosef for the previous generation whent the situation was not yet b'itah [in its time]


We are now in b'itah

11:46 PM 

me: Now I am curious. You are saying there is one in every generation?


It seems like we are beitah for sure, But no Achishenah there, we did not deserve anything?


Dov: There is a prospective Mashiach in every generation

11:47 PM 

No we did not deserve achishena

  That is why we are at where we are at


me: So if it is be'ita it is a lot more painful, isn;t

11:48 PM 

Dov: It is b'itah from here


  more painful


me: the goyim keep talking about the 3 and a half years of Jacob's trouble... anything to it, and what does it mean to us, does their prophecy have a basis in Torah or Navi, according to the way we understand?

11:49 PM 

Dov: could involve major earthquakes, floods, even evacuations which lead to more of the above

11:50 PM 

me: They are also convinced that the agreement WILL be signed, according to their prophecies,and that it will usher 7 years of pain, according to apparently the Book of Daniel as well, something about a covemant with death


you mean evacuations from here, for us?

11:51 PM 

Dov: yes, it is possible. at least the threat of it is possible


me: and that the Catholic church WILL rule for that time - this, from the protestants, not the catholics

 Dov: a strong possibility


me: The threat is already here. Look how they opened Tsir Tsion in Hevron.

11:52 PM 

Then if you think evacuations are a strong possibility, why should the Jews of America come here, rather than stay where they are, or go to Australia, or G-d knows where. And what about US, where should WE go?

11:53 PM 

And does that mean that the die is cast, that Teshuvah and prayer are ineffective?


You are saying the Goyim are right...


Dov: Keep the faith Daisy. The Jews in America will wish that they were here over the next two years, before they need to leave with their pajamas in a plastic bag

11:54 PM 

me: I thought they just misinterpret Tanach [the 24 Books of the written Torah], and they also base themselves on the book of Revelations

11:55 PM 

What you are saying is sort of a contradiction, You are saying, on one hand, that the Catholic Church MIGHT rule here, there might be evacuations, but that everything will be fine within a couple of years/

11:56 PM 

Dov: As you pointed out it will be painful for all. The Christian view is true for things that come from us, and not true for things that are "New"


me: What do you mean?Another thing, An agreement signed with the Catholics won't be able to be broken, unless they just have a downfall and can't rule any more\

11:58 PM 

Dov: The prophesies point to a division of Jerusalem as the trigger for the final redemption. Those who are on the Western side of the green line will be unaffected with respect to keeping their homes

  You and I will go through a more difficult period


me: How about south?Like Kiryat Arba/

11:59 PM 

Dov: right Kiryat Arba is east of the Green Line


me: I see. But it seems that the people who most deserve Siyata Dishmaya will be suffering the most. Is this part of Hashem's plan? Why?

12:00 AM 

Dov: When I moved here I knew that I lived in a place where the entire world will hate me. If I lived in Beit Shemesh only the Arab world would hate me


me: What is all this based on: politics, or prophecy?

12:01 AM 

So if you are so sure, maybe it is time to buy something on the west side,


Dov: Politics and prophesy are fused together from here on out


me: but the nukes aren't they supposed to hit Tel-Aviv rather than Jerusalem, if at all?

12:02 AM 

And the fat Erev Rav will enjoy life, while the Neemanim will suffer?


Dov: maybe so. The nukes are supposed to hang in the air without harming anyone, but you are right they will be aimed at Tel Aviv

12:03 AM 

me: ]So are you saying it is all cast in stone, nothing can change that, no prayer, nothing?


and where does this idea of the WEST SIDE BEING SAFE come from?

12:04 AM Dov: Of course it is fluid and dependent upon prayer and deeds


me: You know, I was told so many prophecies that turned out wrong, I dont know what to believe any more.


Dov: It comes from Zechariah 12 and 14


me: Such as the Knesset having an earhquake on Pessach,(Chabad) which didn;t happen

12:05 AM 

Zechariah is quoted by the Xtians all the time, I thought they were alarmist, and that their interpretation is flawed.


Where does prayer come in all this, if politics and prophecy come together?

12:06 AM 

Dov: only can ultimately go with those prophecies that are built in 2500 years of history that is given that long ago but only now making sense


me: And when it says evacuation, does it include murders as well?

12:07 AM 

Actually, what DID have an earthquake, now that I think of it, IS THE CHURCHES AROUND ROME, NOT ONE OF THEM STAYED WHOLE IN THE ABRUZZO, you know that don't you


12:08 AM 

Dov: Zechariah 12 and 14 are two different scenarios for the End of Days. Which one comes true is dependent upon Prayer and Deeds

12:09 AM 

me: I'll have to study them again, Are Meforshim necessary for that? Because the goyim read the literal text, aided by their book of revelations.,What do the Jews think of that book of revelations, is that something worth taking into consideration?

12:10 AM Is the interpretation of the goyim reliable


Dov: no


me: So where can a Jew find the proper interpretation of Zechariah 12 and 14 on the net

12:11 AM 

Is it too late for the GOOD outcome?


Dov: John the Revelator studied with mekubalim before he wrote the Book of Revelation. Whatever he wrote which was true was not new and whatever he wrote which was new was not true

12:12 AM 

me: Interesting.


Dov: Zecharia 12 is the more positive outcome over Zecharia 14

12:13 AM 

me: Would you say Jews should start buying something in Bet Shemesh and the environs? I like it better here!


Dov: We should pray for chapter 12


me: OK, With which explanations on the net, please? I read Rav Kahane/s book a long time ago, but I don't have it here

12:14 AM 

Chapter 12, I'll have to review.

12:15 AM 

That is why I was calling everybody to a fast and prayer for THIS. Rav Amar was focusing on the flu, ... unless he meant the pope and just couldn't say it in public or he'd lose his job

12:16 AM 

Dov: There is a body of opinion that if Zech 12 is the scenario your east of the green line investment will be better than something in Beit Shemesh. If the Zech 14 scenario plays out, prepare to move. Either way it will be better here than Australia


me: Interesting. And what about Kochav Yaakov/What do you, Tamar, and all the others plan to do?

12:17 AM 

When would we know which scenario is about to unfold? Could we tell today already, or is it too early?

12:19 AM 

Dov: KOchav Yakov is probably in the Yerushalayim envelope. Our fate here will go with Yerushalayim's fate that is East Yerushalayim's fate. Zecharia 12 says that nothing bad will happen. Zecharis 14 says that homes will be pillaged and women will be subdued

12:20 AM 

too early to tell

12:21 AM won't know until the last minute

  keeps free will in the picture


me: Wait to see what happens when the pope is here? Does he have any role in the prophecy? What a horrible prophecy, In Zecharia 14 what will happen to the homes and people here?

12:22 AM 

How terrible, I am trying to alert people., Is what I am doing a waste of time, with the pope?

12:23 AM 

Do Peres and Bibi's actions re; the pope have something to do with the outcome?


Does fighting the pope have something to do with the outcome at all? Exposing his evil, warning the rabbis?


Dov: The medrashin say that there will be Jews who will perform the evacuations. Two gentiles will accompany each Jew as he does their dirty work with weapons pointed at his head

12:24 AM 

me: Or just calling people for prayer as regards the seriousness of the events.

12:25 AM 

So maybe Amar was right? No point in even dealing with the pope at this time, just with Teshuva, and forget the pope?


Dov: Prayer and Good Deeds will affect the outcome more than information, but someone has to inform. It is part of our hishtadlut


me: will Jews die?

 Dov: That is where you come in

 me: What do you mean?

12:26 AM Dov: You are the informer

 me: So?

 Dov: at least the one in English. You are doing your hishtadlut [human efforts]

12:27 AM me: How is informing going to help? What does that have to do with Jews dying? And what if they cut off the net? They are already monitoring everything

12:28 AM Dov: Jews who get stuck in the wrong place at the wrong time while G-d is judging the world will die. Here in Eretz Yisrael we may just get displaced

12:29 AM I emphasize MAY

12:30 AM me: But you say women will get raped, and who knows what else. And what about the Jews being evacuated, won;t they get killed as well, or just dispossessed? And are you sure that the prophecy says exactly what will jhappen depending on scenario a or b


Dov: The net will not be cut. That is the beauty of the Web. They can monitor, but they can't stop it


me: OK. I hope you are right.

12:31 AM 

Is the prophecy THAT accurate???

12:32 AM 


Dov: Zecharia with the Malbim is pretty exact. The worst thing that he says about the good guys is the business of women being "subdued". He makes no mention of bloodshed in the course of the sacking of East Jerusalem

12:33 AM 

me: Also, what about this Rosh Chodesh Siwan date, with Bibi's trip. how do you see that having to do with Jews in the US getting killed or stopped from coming?


Please explain who the Malbim is.

12:36 AM 

Dov: don't know. The MaLBIM has a commentary on the later prophets which is good for study while studying the prophets, He is a well known acharon. One really must study the Later Prophets with his peirush

12:37 AM 

me: Don't know what?Who the Malbim is? Or how Bibi's visit is connected?

12:39 AM 

Dov: as far as Bibi's visit, it is just a hunch that something unpleasant will happen to America before Rosh Chodesh Siwan. As far as the Malbim is concerned a good Mikraot Gedolot set will include his Peirushim


me:Thanks for the tip re: the Malbim.

12:40 AM 


me: now to my opinion, the reason antisemitism will start raging is because the pope didn't get what he wanted,


12:41 AM 

That the antisemitism is being triggered by the pope not getting Har Zion


That this is the reason it will all start.


So should we, really give him what he wants, so he leaves the Jews alone

12:44 AM 

Dov: Antisemitisim exists in the world because the Jews represent whether they know it or not G-d and His Midot [qualities, character traits] to Mankind. It fires up when we do a poor job of representing those midot to the rest of the world or when the world disagrees with us on what those midot should be.

12:46 AM 

me: Can I post?

12:47 AM 

Dov: If something happens to fire up antisemitism because of Har Tsion it is because the Catholic view of G-d is so different than ours. Heck why not POST!



me: AND should we give the pope his gift/ Would that change anything, considering he is the one firing the antisemitism, and ruling the whole story?Good nacht, Thank you, I will post it, very important discussion,


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