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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Re: Pave the Way in an all -out campaign to whitewash Pius XII.

Anonymous says:

The book Nik refers to can be downloaded online at articbeacon,
Syzmanski's site. It's free. There are probably other sites where it can downloaded
as well, just in case it's no longer at arcticbeacon. Jack Chick..

nik writes: ( regarding Pius XII)

i have absolute proof that he was a nazi... not a symapthizer... not a collaborator... not in collusion... but designing plans and giving out orders to be followed... all in a little book released in the mid 50's called "the secret history of the jesuits..." by edmond paris from jack chick publications... absolute proof this vile filth was deep behind every aspect of the holocaust... nik. out...

Thank you for this very important information, nik; I'll pass it on.  DS

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