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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Re: the lawsuit: some very smart people think it's a bad idea. Actually, I think they are right. Why? OF COURSE THE ISRAELI COURTS ARE IN THE HANDS OF ROME, SO THE CARD DECK IS STACKED: THIS SUIT IS PREMATURE AND CAN ONLY CAUSE HARM!

Shmuel said:

Not a good idea is a mild way to defining it. 
If... the Vatican "wins" then we will be left with no recourse to claim whatever they are holding.  And the israeli courtiers will bend over backwards to make sure they win.
Bad move.

Jon said:

This will get nowhere. the corrupt bolshevik high court will throw out this case before even hearing it

Barry said:

The papal campaign was working so well that the gov't brought in their Shabak help to associate a legitimate cause with their paid "radicals" ....It WAS going well. Now watch it wrecked by ....

L. said:

....I do think the suit would be great, but not in the hands of Gov jokers.
Maybe it can be taken away from them, if others joinder into the suit, and make it move in a better direction.
While Chaya said:

No, Daisy, It's a GREAT idea - we need to stand up for our rights any-which-way we can.

Subject: Re: the lawsuit: now that I think of it, it is not such a great idea; from what I know, the vessels aren't even there anymore: wouldn't it be better to concentrate our energies on PIKUACH NEFESH? LIFE is at stake: forget THINGS for the time being!!

Re": Pope Named as Defendant over Plunder of Temple Vessels. Just a caveat: the vessels might NOT BE THERE ANYMORE.

Pope Named as Defendant over Plunder of Temple Vessels

Iyar 14, 5769, 08 May 09 10:47

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