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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Passing it on, this is also a worthwhile cause, but GETTING TO THE HEAD OF THE HYDRA IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ; that is the OTHER SIDE of this campaign.

From: Nadia and David Matar []
Subject: "Safeguard Israel"- Ad Campaign


Dear Friends,


As you know, Prime Minister Netanyahu is going to the States on May 18th and we obviously are all very worried.


The incredible pressure that is being put on him to cave in and capitulate, emanates not only from America, Europe and the so-called American pro Israel lobby group called AIPAC, but also from the Israeli media and the leftist bloc in our own land. For those of us living in Israel, listening to the state media has become more unbearable than usual. Every journalist, every news report, every column, is reporting on how Bibi has no choice but to cave in to the "two-state solution ", a nice euphemism for the creation of an Arab terror  state on the ruins of the Jewish settlement enterprise in Israel's Biblical Homeland. Anyone with some understanding of what is going on in the Middle East understands that the creation of an Arab State in Judea and Samaria would mean the end of the State of Israel.


It is clear that we, the national camp, must have an urgent counter campaign, before Bibi's departure to the States, to strengthen Bibi not to cave in, to remind him that the majority of the people voted for a government that will not capitulate, and to urge him to stay firm. History will not forgive us if we stay quiet in these critical days.


Obviously the best way to bypass the leftist media brainwashing endeavor to pressure Bibi, is to have a large scale ten day campaign starting tomorrow with daily full page advertisements in all major newspapers, bulletin boards, flyers, posters , culminating with a mass demonstration of tens of thousands of lovers of Israel holding a mass demonstration on the eve of Bibi's trip, urging Bibi to keep the land of Israel in Jewish hands.


Our efforts will provide Bibi with the ammunition and fortitude not to cave in during his excursion to the States. However, such a large scale campaign costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and  unlike the organizations on the left such as Peace Now and other groups who are receiving millions of dollars from European countries and other anti-Israeli organizations in the world; we , the national camp, do not have such funds.


So shall we just give up and do nothing?


We must stage a campaign that  would show and remind the

Prime Minister what  the  people expect from him.


This campaign will only work with your help.


This is the time for the Jewish people NOT to stand on the sidelines and allow others to dictate our destiny. This is the time to get involved, take action, and partner with us to save our land.


The campaign we are talking about is one where we would put  huge ads on the back of  buses in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We are talking about ads that are 1meter 60 by 1 meter 75 and that can be seen by all.


The campaign must begin this coming Thursday, May 7th (two days from now) and  the ads would remain on the buses for two weeks during which tens of thousands of people in israel would see the ads.


How much does such a campaign cost?


We contacted the Kna'an company who is in charge of putting up ads on the Egged buses.

The following are the prices:


For a full ad on the back of the bus, size 1m60 by 1m75

(and the only effective place is on the back)

it costs 780 NIS per bus which is 187 dollars


The minimum amount for an effective campaign is placing ads on 100 buses in Jerusalem and on at least 50 buses in Tel Aviv on lines close to the government ministries.


The cost for 150 buses is

 $187X 150= $28,050 before VAT


In addition, to increase effectiveness, it is important to place the same ad that will appear on the buses in Haaretz newspaper as well as in other widely read newspapers, in English and Hebrew depending on our budget. The minimum price for a normal sized ad is at least $2500.


What would be the message on the bus?

After meeting and consulting with PR people in the know we are convinced that the message has to be a positive one, a message of strength and hope.

The following is the ad (see attached): (this is a translation into English of the Hebrew message that would be on the bus)




Our forefathers ordered us this land

for the sake of our sons and sons of sons

ad infinitum


History will remember you as a strong leader

who did not cave in nor capitulate


We already prepared the graphics- the background has Jewish youth looking at the Israeli flag and a map of the entire Land of Israel.


How can you help materialize this campaign?


Sponsor ads on  buses!


The launching of this campaign is planned for Thursday, May 7th - two days from now. Thus, time is of the essence.  Each ad per bus costs $187. If, by tomorrow ,Wednesday evening Israel  time we have people committing for at least 100 buses , we will go ahead with the campaign. Please email us directly  to tell us how many buses you are willing to sponsor by emailing us at and we will instruct you as to how you can make your payment.


Why do we need such a campaign and what will it accomplish?

It is crucial to have the voice of the national camp heard.

It is imperative to counter the pressure from the leftists bloc.

It is critical at this point in time to demonstrate to Bibi that he has the backing of the majority of Israel to remains strong against world pressure.  Furthermore, ads on buses create an ambiance in the street. Newspaper ads are an added bonus. It is important to carry on the momentum. For Zion's sake we cannot  be silent!!


Do we have guarantees that this will keep the Prime Minister strong?

The Jewish people have not survived the unsurvivable because of guarantees.

 Our salvation will come by our own efforts and in our faith in G-d.

  One thing is for sure...silence does not afford guarantees. 

This is our land. We cannot afford staying quiet when our land is in danger of being taken away.


The people in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv must be able to see and hear  the voice of the lovers of Israel


Please help us carry this out.

Sponsor ads on the "Bibi -Safeguard Our Land" bus campaign and be part of the struggle for the Land of Israel.

 Each and everyone of you counts!


We know what needs to be done, and the time is now.


With love for Israel,


Yehudit Katzover, Kiryat Arba Hevron Action Committee

Nadia Matar , Women in Green

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