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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am delighted to have received this piece of news from the very critic of my words re: Rabbi Amar. So if the Rabbis are finally SAYING SOMETHING, YASHER KOACH TO THEM, and MY PUBLIC, HEART FELT APOLOGIES TO RAV AMAR.


Chief Rabbinate Forbids Transferring Sites to Vatican

Iyar 12, 5769, 06 May 09 01:31

( The Council of Holy Sites of the Chief Rabbinate released a statement Wednesday saying that it was forbidden for Israel to transfer authority of sites in Israel to the Vatican. The Vatican has requested that six sites of a religious nature be transferred to its authority in advance of the Pope's visit to Israel next week.

The Council's statement read: "According to Jewish Law, it is forbidden for any person to give a part of the Land of Israel to the Vatican. Therefore we call on the Prime Minister, Ministers, and Members of Knesset to immediately cease discussions of this nature."

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