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Thursday, May 7, 2009

After seeing the deceitful, Vatican backed message from Pave the Way, according to which JEWS WELCOME THE POPE TO ISRAEL, somebody had an idea of the TRUE MESSAGE FROM THE JEWS TO BE SENT TO THE POPE; below

I am relaying somebody else's idea. I am not sure if it is the right thing to do or not, I'd have to think about it. Your responses would be appreciated.DS

2.Anonymous comments:

Good idea. BTW, do you remember a few months ago how upset
the Jewish community of Rome was with Israeli rabbis who went to
Rome to meet with the Vatican at the Vatican's invitation? They were
completely angered and shocked by the Rabbanut's utter naivete
regarding the wickedness of the Church of Rome. 

1.This is the suggestion of one of our readers:

Here - get everyone to post this same message on the Vatican site:
my message:
Subject: Pope in Israel - Stay away in peace; coming is an act of war
Let it be known that the Jews of the world view the pontiff's trip to Israel as the embodiment of hatred and antisemitism. We are revolted that he is forcing himself on us and that he will pollute our land.
The Jews of the world detest that the Vatican continues to possess our belongings, and is so evil as to steal our land, while pretending to come in peace.

Jews Welcome New Pope
Read Rabbi Bemporad's statement on the historic election of Pope Benedict XVI. MORE »

The Center for Interreligious Understanding
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Tel: (201) 804-4776 Fax: (201) 804-4788

There is much in English 
100 Rabbis Prepare to Welcome Pontiff to Holy Land [2009-04-30]
Affirm Unity in Commitment to Interreligious Dialogue

Pope's Holy Land Itinerary Published [2009-03-26]
Will Visit Jordan and Israel in May

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"I Am Preparing to Visit the Holy Land As a Pilgrim"

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ZE09043012 - 2009-04-30

100 Rabbis Prepare to Welcome Pontiff to Holy Land

Affirm Unity in Commitment to Interreligious Dialogue

JERUSALEM, APRIL 30, 2009 ( More than a hundred rabbis of various denominations will sign a message welcoming Benedict XVI to the Holy Land and encouraging dialogue between Jews and Christians.
The presidents of the International Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Education, Adalberta and Armando Bernardini, told ZENIT that the message is due to be published on the Web site of an Israeli newspaper, "Ha'Arezt."
The initiative is being promoted by one of the foundation's members, Rabbi Jack Bemporard, also director of the New Jersey based Center for Interreligious Understanding.
From May 8 to 15 the Pope will visit the Holy Land, Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian territories, in a visit described by the government of Israel as a "bridge for peace."
The Rabbi message, titled "United in Our Age," is inspired by "Nostra Aetate," the statement that the Second Vatican Council issued on October 28, 1965, which motivated closer relations between Jews and Catholics.
In particular, the message cites the document that states: "Since the spiritual patrimony common to Christians and Jews is thus so great, this sacred synod wants to foster and recommend that mutual understanding and respect which is the fruit, above all, of biblical and theological studies as well as of fraternal dialogues."
Addressing the Pontiff, the message affirms: "In this spirit, we -- rabbis and Jewish leaders -- warmly welcome you and your mission of peace to Israel.
"With one voice, we are united in our commitment to interreligious dialogue, to opening more paths to increased understanding, and to continually recognize and strengthen the important relationship between Catholics and Jews worldwide."
"And where better to reaffirm that relationship," it adds, "than in the Holy Land of Israel, a place both religions treasure as part of a shared heritage."
The message concludes: "B'shalom."
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ZE09050603 - 2009-05-06

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