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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Re: Very telling: I drive through Beit Omar a few times a week, never saw the foreigners. But now, it all makes sense: those ARAB TERRORISTS are in fact egged on by, directed and joined by WESTERNERS, i.e. NWO AGENTS!

-SHmuel said:

Both very important jurisprudence baselines.

It is likely that Livni hesitated because her controllers also saw that by waiving immunity to the islamic authority, she would also expose the whole "partnership".

After all it is the GoI that maintains and arms the authority.

I may add as points of reference that the US government has been sued by the Aborigines, victims of military experiments, veterans affected by chemical agents, etc.
The results have been mixed but indeed that avenue is open here as well.

The state is not immune.

DS is correct on that the statement should not be open ended but include time frames.

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