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Monday, March 31, 2008

Am I being paranoid? An infected tourist from Britain in Israel infects the population: is this a "smallpox blanket"'? Accidental or deliberate???

But there is nothing WE can do, except maybe sound the alarm and alert people to the possible scenario. Sooner or later the concept will penetrate even the thick skulls of the left. People have to be alert to the emergence of similar "'accidental"' epidemics started by foreigners entering the country. It could be anything: measles, mumps, rubella, Tb, or even worse. Remember the anthrax scare in the US a few years ago.

We've been put on notice. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Nobody is accusing anybody at this time. Just be alert, that's all.


I agree. It could be anyone traveling from there and so must be prepared for all possibilities.

And who said the tourist was Jewish? It could be one of those leftists, or simply a non-Jew.


Britain is a latent enemy country and as such Jewish persons traveling from enemy territory must
be at least quarantined. Jews must understand that by choosing to remain in enemy lands
they are bound to be affected.  It would not be difficult for Moslems or neo Nazis in Britain to
USE the traveling Jews to israel and slip in toxins, viruses, bacteria or fungus.
Moslem visitors from Britain must be refused entry.
I have no idea to what extent the beasts would go into, but judging from their track
records I would not doubt in the least that using intentionally infected carriers will be
part of their war tactics.
Subject: Am I being paranoid? An infected tourist from Britain in Israel infects the population: is this a "smallpox blanket"'? Accidental or deliberate???

Measles Outbreak in Dana Hospital; Six Infected Per Day

23 Adar Bet 5768, 30 March 08 10:52

( Doctors reported Sunday that a patient who visited the Dana Children's Hospital on Saturday night had been diagnosed with measles.  Those who were in the hospital at the time have been asked to report to the Health Ministry and receive a booster shot if necessary.

Health Ministry officials said Sunday that they were overwhelmed by the number of new measles cases.  The latest outbreak began with a single tourist from Britain, they said.  Now, an estimated six people a day contract the virus. 

Ministry officials are working to vaccinate those who came in contact with measles patients in order to stop the spread of the illness.  While measles is rarely fatal in healthy children, it can cause complications, particularly among adults.  In addition, measles is extremely dangerous for immuno-compromised patients, such as the elderly or those taking certain medications.


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