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Monday, March 24, 2008

RE:: With all due respect for Rav Eliashiv: does he live in a bubble? Doesn't he read the news? Doesn't he know where the orders to make life unbearable for Jews ( arming the PA, releasing terrorists) come from? Or does he simply believe in the genui

Ds replied:You know what? GOOD POINT! Maybe the Rav has a good idea. Let's see what it leads to.

Another thing the Rav could do, though, instead of this, is WARN the US JEWS of the dangers looming.

2.bill wrote: 

Defiant words won't help, anyway. So, why not try to generate some good feelings.
There are some decent people in Government, as witness Morgenthau in the anti-Semitic FDR administration during WWII. He created the War Refugee Board that saved hundreds of thousands.

1.bill said:
NO, he simply attempted to create a self-fulfilling prophecy by encouraging America to show some compassion.

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