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Monday, March 24, 2008

Re: Another farce of a trial on the way: info, and request for support ; MORE ON THE TOPIC, IMPORTANT

SHmuel wrote:


The whole "post Jewish" enterprise, initially labeled by many in a semi jocular way as israbluf, turned into one of the largest rip off set ups ever.
That set of swindlers stole billions on the "Bank shares" stunt.
Stole tens of thousands of acres of state land.
Snared the US and local taxpayers.
Gush Katif: It was a thorn on the side of the kibbutz agro business so that was one of the main motives for the kibbutz financial barons to support the GK destruction.
The post Jewish elements are not that thick. They know perfectly well how to USE people and they use islamics proxies as they used immigrants, "volunteers", donors, etc.  And they also know that the islamics, for the most, are incapable of setting up and running agro systems. They can plow a field and raise a nice crop, raise sheep and cattle, but to maintain an industrial agro system they just do not have it.  The objective was to harm JEWS and destroy competitors.
What is even more evident as time goes by is that stealing is apparently genetically part of the unJews make up. They simply cannot do anything on the level.
They mislead, cross and double cross, deceive, bribe, at times associate with murder.  And steal.
Faucets and towels and ashtrays. 
Ideas, tax money, donations, properties including money and properties of people that died in the Holocaust.
Now trained dogs and tomorrow will be something else.
But the good news is ... Their stupid poses and booming voices is all the trash has left.

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