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Monday, March 24, 2008

E. Winston's new piece about real war vs. politically correct war

Whose Armageddon? Yours or Mine?

17 Adar Bet 5768, 24 March 08 01:10
by Emanuel A. Winston
( At this moment, a War of Civilizations is in violent motion. One side (Islam) is ready to fight full out, using all their human resources. Men, women, children are on all the enemies' front lines. This side is willing to put up all its human collateral to be killed, while causing all the human collateral damage of its adversaries.

This is where we hear the useless admonition: "We can't sink to their level." Since war is inhuman and brutal on its face, we must absolutely (as it were) sink to their level - or die.

We see this in stark reality as Islam moves with its zealous intention to conquer the world, to create a Global Caliphate for Islam at whatever cost to themselves and everyone else. We, the Free West, on the other hand, are playing by so-called rules of civilized engagement of warfare - and thereby losing badly.

For example, we Americans instruct Israel to restrain herself as missiles rain down, on the average of one every four hours. The Muslim Arab Palestinians have launched 8,000 rockets against Israel's civilians in the past eight years, since the start of the Second Intifada on September 29, 2000 - the Rosh HaShanah War. On schools, homes, nursery schools, stores, playgrounds - which undercuts the will of the people to successfully fight a necessary, defensive, aggressive war to win. These "hits" are accompanied by sincere pledges of annihilation that must be believed.

Israel selectively targets a few dozen leaders, but, overall, it's fighting a whole population, another civilization, and losing.

Unfortunately, what may be referred to as "civilization" is a throwback to the era where entire nations and everyone in them were part of that war. Front-Rear were all one, in any way they contributed. When 9/11 occurred, New York and the entire United States were considered a viable target and the damage was supposed to be collateral.

When bombs go off in Spain, England, Scotland, Algeria, Iraq, Israel it is because it is an ancient War of Civilizations - brought forward to twenty-aught-eight (2008) and beyond. The rules of today's restrained engagement, however, do not apply for Islam's side of the equation. In a clash of civilizations, one side must clearly win or lose. The losing side must submit to the power of the other, with the hope that they will be treated fairly. Islam is fighting to win, while we in the Free West (especially America and Israel) are in a "restrained" mode, too willing to accept losses.

History of the past can be instructive. America did not enslave Germany or Japan after World War II. The history of Arab-Muslim conquest, however, meant slavery, forced conversion, oppressive taxes called jizya in Arabic, humiliation of the vanquished.

So, we are returning full circle to where there is no homefront immune from the effects of war. Israel cannot have her population bombed with impunity while the world expects the population centers of her enemies to remain sacrosanct, untouched.

There is an American saying: "Good losers are losers." France, England, Netherlands, Spain, Scotland - all seem to have similarly accepted the road to being "good losers." We observe President George W. Bush backing away, seemingly willing to replace the fields of stars on the American flag with the crescent moon symbol and the single star of Islam. This president might be acting like a loser. The winner will probably be either a tyrannical ruler or a benevolent ruler.

Make a Choice: Live or Die!
One last kicker. If the Free West's adversaries get away with defeating and demolishing Israel, then any of the other Free West's countries will be next, consecutive or coincidental. So, it is in everyone's best interest (if they are not Muslims) to protect the tiny Jewish State - in their own best interests.

The old ways of war had a certain symmetry. There were winners and losers, conclusively - with no half-way measures. It all came down to whole populations accepting their fate. Islam has challenged the Judeo-Christian ethos all over the planet. They have both motivation and a head start.

Our choice is accepting the blowing up of our families or the blowing up of theirs. A bad choice but, if you didn't start Armageddon, why die with your pride intact, following rules of acceptable national suicide?

Better to fight short, brutal wars than to slowly bleed to death by wars of a thousand cuts - especially for the small nation of Israel.
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